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Evenflo Jump & Go Doorway Jumper

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Good, but noisy


I bought the Even Flo Jump and Go for my 5 month old son for Christmas. He loves to jump and living in an apartment, we didn't have room for a stand alone jumperoo. I read the reviews for this jumper before I bought it and decided to give it a try. We've only had it for 2 days and so far I can tell you the reviews are pretty much right on. The strap gets twisted as my son jumps and turns. It also makes a noise when he jumps. It's not extremely annoying, I'm able to block it out. The other complaint I would have is the toy tray seems to be right in his face and sometimes I'm afraid he is going to hit his face as he jumps. So far he hasn't. He does love to jump in it and he tires himself out every single time he gets in it. Overall I would say this was an ok jumper.

Plant City, FL


jumper broke


our 5 month old son, who only weighs 16 pounds, was siiting in the jumper when the strap broke and he fell and hit his head on the tile floor. The jumper was only used about 5 times before it broke, I would be careful with this item.

Bend, OR


Jump & Go Genius!


The Evenflo Jump and Go works at any door way. My niece will stay in the Jump and Go for hours at a time and still looks likes she's having fun. I keep her close while I'm doing homework or doing laundry and she just jumps up and down. When my aunt left a jump and go at my house, I was a bit concerned about the height and strength of the Jump and Go but it worked perfectly for my niece to use the floor to help her bounce up and down, she never hit the sides of the door and it was strong enough to have her bounce up and down for about an hour or longer and didn't do anything to my door frame (which was another thing I was worried about). She looked like she was having a lot of fun and I recommend it to any mom who doesn't have 4 hands to do laundry, cook, clean, and watch the baby.

San Diego, CA


Jump & Go is a great toy for babies!


The Evenflo Jump & Go Doorway Jumper is a great toy for babies. I love that they can jump in it or they can play with the toys on the front. The toybar has lights and sounds which are both great to entertain babies. The toybar is easy for little babies to able to grab and play wiith. Babies also love to jump and I love how easy it is to adjust the Jumper to make it the right height for each baby. I think the great thing about the Evenflo Jump & Go Doorway Jumper is that it is a great place to put a baby, but it doesn't take up a lot of room like an exersaucer does. If you put it away, it can squish down almost flat to store it easily. We typically leave it hanging up in one of our larger doorways so we can slide it out of the way for people to walk through. I am a little short so I do have a hard time moving it around. It is also a bit difficult to get a baby in and out of the Jumper, but we usually ask an older sibling to help hold the Jumper to make it easier.

Fort Wayne, IN


Great for Baby!


We recently received this item from a friend.  It took our daughter a few times in it before she was able to figure it out, but I blame that on our hardwood floors.  I finally stuck a mat under her feet and that gave her the traction she needed to figure out how to use it.  Now she loves it!  I can put her in it while I clean or cook dinner and she entertains herself.  The toys on the front provide extra things for her to do besides jump. I love that it easily clasps over our trim.  No hammering required!  However, if you don't have trim this item won't work for you.  The clasp also causes the paint on the trim to wear off a little, but nothing too bad.  Definitely worth it for a happy baby who can entertain herself while mommy gets things done!  The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because I noticed that the strap is starting to wear where the plastic rubs against it, which is a bit concerning.  

Milwaukee, WI


Fun toy for baby


We got one of these with our first baby but only used it once in a while because we lived in an apartment and we only had one good place to put it (the doorway to our closet). But we hung onto it and pulled it out again with our next baby. By then we were living in a house and we used to hang it from the doorjamb off the living room. From there she could jump happily while I made dinner or played with her sibling. We used this extensively with our third baby. Both of our big kids loved to play with the baby as she jumped (we had one kid that got in trouble more than once for spinning her around and around in it!). Peekaboo and Jumping Baby were big hits at our house for a while. If we were to start over having children, this would be one of the things I would be certain to buy and use frequently. It gives baby a fun place to play where she can build motor skills while Mom cooks dinner or takes care of the other kids.

Southington, CT


Pretty in pink jumper


I purchased the Evenflo Jump & Go for my four month old granddaughter. She is an active little girl who loves to move! The second I put her in the jumper she started moving her legs up and down and squealed with delight as she started bouncing. I am delighted with this product which I bought on-line from the Linens and Things website. On the advice of her mother, I researched the various jumpers to make sure this one would be safe and secure for our precious baby. I am pleased to say the quality is excellent and the jumper well designed. When my son, the baby's dad, was little he too loved to jump and we purchased a Johnny Jump Up for him. So I was torn between the Jenny Jump Up and this product. The Evenflo features a sturdy triangular strapping system with a weighted balance above the jumper. The scissor like clamp is extremely rugged and secure. One of the best qualities about this jumper is the addition of a musical toy which my granddaughter has immediately learned to use. Even at the young age of four months she is adept at turning the toy on to hear the musical melody. She also loves the small sliding blocks that are a part of the jumper's toy. I would recommend this product without question for any active baby who likes motion.

Moorestown, NJ


Fun toy keeps her busy for quite a while


This doorway jumper is great.  It is completely adjustable and the seat worked well even when our daughter was younger, only a few months old.  The toy bar is removable which is also a plus.  She really likes the lights and sounds it makes as well.

Livonia, MI


Evenflo Jump & Go Doorway Jumper

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