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Evenflo Generations 65 Combination Booster Car Seat

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Evenflo Generations will fit for a long time


We purchased the evenflo generations carseat for my son when the convertible car seat that had been used by his older brothers started getting a bit old for my comfort level.  I really liked that the car seat would be able to be used for a long time as a five point harness and then even longer still as a booster seat.   The waterproof "piddle pad" has been a lifesaver a couple of times when a diaper leaked and is so easy to take out just that part and wash it rather than removing the entire cover.  The pillow on the other hand did not make much sense and seemed to push my son's head forward at an awkward angle so we don't use that since it seemed so uncomfortable.  The cup holder would not stay on and within two months one of the arms started repeatedly falling off.  We still use the seat and put the arm back on once a week or so.  The carseat was easy to install and looks very nice even though it has been used for quite awhile now.

Appleton, WI


Returned within a week...


My husband and I initially purchased this because it looked comfortable, it was a reasonable price, and had the things we needed in a carseat.  We didn't want to go top of the line because of the fact that we already have two boys (a 2 and 1 year old) and there's a good possibility we'll have another one before too long- so once the kids are old enough, we're planning on putting them in boosters so that we can put them three across in our vehicles- these large boosters take up a LOT of room.  Things we liked:  simple, easy to adjust the straps, reasonably priced.  HOWEVER, the second we put our son in the car seat, it was evident that it was never going to work.  The pillow that rests behind his head pushes his head forward and it looked so miserably uncomfortable, we didn't have the heart to keep it when sleeping in it seemed next to impossible for him.  It just looked majorly ackward.  We had it in recline, tried everything to adjust it so it wasn't pushing his head forward, but nothing worked, so we went another one. 

Kansas City, MO


The best car seat ever!


We bought this carseat when our daughter outgrew the Evenflo Triumph carseat. We purposely decided to buy another Evenflo carseat because we were so happy with the Triumph carseat. What we love most about this carseat is that it can be used all the way until 100 lbs which means we won't have to buy another carseat. Yet our daughter is tall, but very slender and this carseat isn't overpowering like some of the booster-only seats were. We like that it has a cozier feel than a completely open booster. We also like that the belt positioning on the top is actually built into the headrest and isn't a cheap looking piece of plastic like some of the other boosters we saw. We have had it for the last year and we've been extremely happy, it's solid and shows no sign of wear and we feel that it was a great investment that we'll be able to use until our daughter moves to a regular carseat.

Round Lake, IL


Adjustable money saver everything you would want in a car seat!


This is a great car seat as you only need to buy one seat for 20-100 lbs!  I love that the straps adjust easily ( at the push of a button and turn of a knob) to make them tighter or looser!  No more going under the seat and finding the trick to adjust them.  This is great for us as we live in a temperate climate in Pennsylvania where i the fall or spring, one day may be snowing and require a heavy winter coat, and the next day may be 80 degrees and WARM!  Just twist the knob to make tighter, and trip the trigger to pull the straps out to make it looser to allow for the heavier coat!  My husband and I are safety nuts so believe me we did our research to make sure this was a safe seat before buying.  We have had absolutely no problems, and have already recommended it to friends of ours who were shopping for a convertible car seat.  I give it a WOO HOO!!  5 STARS!

Williamsport, PA


Evenflo Generations Carseat is the best deal!


I really researched car seats before I purchased this one for our daughter.  I like the Evenflo Generations carseat.  It has great safety ratings and I think Evenflo is a good brand.  I own other Evenflo carsears, including the rear facing or forward facing seat which is much more bulky then this one.  The Evenflo Generations is easy to remove and install.  The latch feature is great.  The straps adjust easily and my 3 1/2 year old really likes this seat.  She has not complained that it is not comfortable and has napped in the car numerous times in this seat.  She has been on a few long road trips in this seat with no complaints.  I do not feel the cup holder is flimsy, she has not had any problems with storing her sippy cup there.  I think this seat is a great value for the price.  It is not overly expensive and it holds up to 100 pounds I believe.  My daughter loves the arm rests that go up and down.  It is easy to clean, I usually spot wash it.

Selkirk, NY


Great Booster Seat


We got this for our 4-year old daughter when she was about 3 1/2 and we absolutely love it. I like the fact that it secures to the car via latch and/or seatbelt. It makes me feel very secure because I don't like booster seats that don't secure to the car unless the child is wearing the seatbelt, it still moves around alot. With this booster seat when she is seatbelted in i can still secure it to the car as well by using the latch on the top and that makes me feel very comfortable knowing that. When she first started using it we used the harness, but once she turned 4, we took that out and now she uses the seatbelt. the harness was okay, the one thing i didn't like was that it was hard to loosen and unloosen. you have to twist the thing on the bottom and sometimes that was really hard, and it seemed like it was too tight for her alot of the time and we ended up pinching her leg, but once we removed and now use the seatbelt, it's great.

Staten Island, NY


Evenflo Generation 65 is an easy car seat to use


I'm so excited that my boy can sit facing the front now and he's loving it too. The last car seat we had required you to flip the thing back and forth and upside down and back to adjust the straps. This wasn't fun since he's quadrupled his weight since birth. This car seat has a really nice method of adjusting the straps. You twist a knob on either side to tighten, and you press a button on the front to loosen them. This seat has a recline to it that helps him be more comfortable, especially when he's napping. I also love that it converts into a booster for when he's older so that we're not storing 5 different version of chairs as he grows. The headrest is adjustable too which makes it even more comfortable. I don't really understand the point of the cup holder. It's flimsy and hard to install and I don't think I would miss it anyway. It just makes the whole chair look cheap, when actually it's a nice chair.

Tooele, UT


The evenflo generations 65 convertible car seat is a must have!


I recently purchased the Evenflo Generations 65 convertible car seat for my 2 year old, as the one he had was way to small although it said for up to 65 lbs. Let me tell you, this has to be one of the best decisions i have made! As soon as I installed my son loved it! Now I dont have to struggle to put him in. The straps are perfect, easily adjustible, and just the right size. There seems to be the perfect amount of cushion, not too hard, not too soft. I love that the head rest is adjustible, as he grows I wont have to worry about his head being over the top. Although my son is only 27lbs, there is plenty of grow room left on this car seat. It doesnt sit straight up, which I like. When he's napping his head doesnt "hang" down. The only thing I dont like is the flimsy cup holder, there seems to be nowhere to clip it to the car seat, but oh well! Over all, evenflo did a perfect job with this one. I wish my seat was as comfortable!

Toledo, OH


Comfortable ride!


W3e bought this car seat for my daughter! It is very comfortable and the color matches any car well! We love that it goes up to 100 pounds! the straps are very east to adjust with just a turn of a knob! i never attached the cup holder since it seemed flimsy and was unable to even attach it to the seat! Most of my mommy friends have this seat and I would recommend it to all my mommy friends!

Covington, KY


Highly rated, great value


I absolutely loved my two Evenflo Generations boosters and am sad my children have outgrown them.  The seat can accommodate a wide range of weights, from lighter weight children using the five point harness to heavier children using the lap belt from your car.  The seat itself is sturdy and easy to install.  The head rest raises and lowers depending on the height of your child, allowing you to customize your fit.  The lap belt slides under the headrest to keep the belt from coming too close to your child's neck.  The seat includes a detachable pillow and also comes with a detachable cup holder that can be installed on either side of the seat. The five point harness is easy for a parent to secure but difficult for a child to release themselves.  It does NOT contain the "puzzle-type clip" that can be so frustrating for parents to secure their children.  I highly recommend this seat for someone in the market for a booster seat that will grow with their child for years to come.

Farmingville, NY


Evenflo Generations 65 Combination Booster Car Seat

4.3 18