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Evenflo ExerSaucer SmartSteps Active Learning Center

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Evenflo Exersaucer : not as great as it looks !


I could not wait to get an exersaucer for my baby, they seemed so colorful, with sounds and activities, I thought for sure, it would keep baby occupied and stimulated for a long while. This evenflo seemed also particularly interesting for brain development, so I thought it was worth the high price tag. Well, this proved to be not the best investment I made. My little one seems to have much more fun with my set of tupperwares than with this activity center. But I guess it could also be that my baby has an unusual early interest in cooking ! So my advice would be, before spending the money on this item, try to borrow one for a week and see for yourself.


Nashville, TN


very fun


I love it and so did my child. I picked this one out in particular, due to the following reasons: Wonderful color scheme, numerous activities and great travel handling!!! My son has a ball in this thing!!! He will sit in it for up to an hour or more and just play and coo!!! I love the colors and all the different toys on it. It folds down really nice for travel purposes so we still have room for our dog too!!! When the toy bar/ arch is positioned correctly it does NOT hit my son in the head, like some people have commented on. (Assemble it correctly and all is well!) I also like the fact that the toys can be switched/ moved around. I enjoy listening to the music that is played on the toys. I like pushing down the button on top of the bus to hear the kids laughing!!! It makes my son giggle! I hope that this item brings as much happiness to your household and little one as much as it did to ours!!!


Beverly Hills, CA


Allows a child to play independently


This item is fantastic!  It keeps my child entertained for long periods of time.  She loves to bounce and turn and the toys are all interchangable so she never gets board of the same old toys.  It also allows older children the oppertunity to gather around her and play without having to hold her. 


Thompson, CT


heaven sent~ give your arms a rest!!


My 4 month old loves it and i do too. Entertaining and the toys can be changed. It folds up really easy for travel.  Some of the toys require batteries but are fun to play with even wirhout.This product is great, it gives YOU a break. You can enjoy a moment while your little one enjoys play and give your arms a rest.


New York, NY


if you have a baby, you will also want this great entertainment


My grandson got his exersaucer when he was 4 months old. He is now 8 months old and plays in it everyday. You know kids have fun when they are laughing and screaming while playing with a toy.  We carry it from room to room, and fold it up when we want to take to another location.  This is the best toy I have found since I became a new grandmother.


Harlan, KY


months of fun!


THis toy is amazing and its such a great toy that will lsat forever unlike some of the other toys out there that children just get so bored with. I thikn that the colors on this toy are amazing and there are no choking hazards so its a really good babysitter if you need a minute or two to get away or what not.... THis works good in the livingroom and doesnt take up too much space unlike some of the other toys out there. I think that you can find these at a second hand store as well but the brand new ones are amazing. Tihs is a great chirstmas gift as well since thats just aroudn the corner!!!! Its really a good price as well. I think we paid aroud 40.00 for it but I think thats a good price for how large of a toy it is. This is a great brand as well. Nevre will go out of style and you cold def re sell this at a garage sale if you had one since its in such high demands! Loveeeeeeeee this toy so much !!!


Marquette, MI


Smartsteps Exersaucer is amazing


I got the Evenflo Exersaucer Smartsteps Active Learning Center for my four month old baby son. He is amazed by it and so am I! It has so much learning on it! I am super impressed by this toy! First, I love that the cloth seat just snaps in so when it gets dirty, I can just unsnap it and throw it into the wash without taking the whole toy apart. I love all the battery operated items that are included in the toy as well. There are many ways to learn, with alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, sounds, and songs! There is one toy with a puzzle of shapes to fit into each slot. Another toy is great for teethers and my son loves to suck on it. My only complaint is that one of the longest toys on the overhead hanger interfers with one of the toys on the lower part. Not sure why they put these so close to one another. My son loves the bright colors. It is a pricey investment but I'm sure it is worth every penny. I would recommend to anyone!


Sun Prairie, WI


Works great but needs lots of batteries


We looked at a number of Exersaucers before choosing this one, and we're glad we did. This one has held together very well (its been used by I think 4 different babies at different times). It has lots going on, and a baby can play with it for quite a while without getting bored. What we liked about this one was that there were things to do on it that did not require batteries, so that even if the batteries died or we forgot to put them in, the baby would still be able to play in it. Its adjustable for different heights, and can fold up nicely. I especially liked the volume control because its nice to be able to turn it down and not be hearing baby music constantly! Both my son and daughter have enjoyed this, and we're happy that we didn't get the more expensive one that unfolds (a friend of mine got the rainforest one and hates it)!


Round Rock, TX


Very fun and portable


This toy seems to be the favorite of my 8 month old. He spends allot of time in his exersaucer and is willing to go into it when no other toy will work. He really seems to enjoy playing with every aspect of this toy and is content to bounce in it while I am making his food or streightening up after him. First, it was wellpackaged and had easy to follow assembly instructions. It did not take long from time of opening the box until the product was ready to use. It is very nice that it folds down so it is more easily portable. This has come in handy while traveling to grandparents houses. My only con is in the portability. It does take some practice to get it to fold and unfold easily. Also, some of the attachents on the top, (such as the plush bar0, must be removed to allow it to easily packed and transported. I recommend storing them between the top and bottom so that when you fold it the items are held inside. But this con is only possible since it does fold for portability, unlike many similar products. Over all I would recommend this product. It was easy to put together and it entertains my son well.


Pickerington, OH


Evenflo Exersaucer will keep your baby content for hours!


I have used an Evenflo Exersaucer smartsteps active learning center with three children now, and I cannot speak highly enough about what a great product it is! It is sturdy and well made. There are a few levels to adjust according to your babies height. The seat portion is removable and washable. The toys are all safe, with not choking hazards or sharp pieces. It easily spins around, and the springs make it a nice place for the baby to bounce too! My sons have gained great leg strength at early ages by being able to stand in this exersaucer. More than any other baby seat that I own, this keeps them entertained and content the longest. It is a little large, but the legs do collapse for storage, and that does help. It is easy to clean and an overall great toy for babies. I am so glad we purchased one for our children, and I continue to highly recommend the Evenflo exersaucer to all of my friends. You will not be disappointed with this purchase!


Lagrange, OH


Evenflo ExerSaucer SmartSteps Active Learning Center

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