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Evenflo ExerSaucer Delux Active Learning Center

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Cute, but Not Overwhelming to Baby


A lot of exersaucers or activity centers are overwhelming to babies. This one is bright and colorful with just the right amount of toys. Only one of the toys on this exersaucer needs batteries and it's not terribly annoying or loud like many other toys I've seen. The toys can be taken out and played with independently as well. They're easy to take out, but not so easy that a baby or child can remove them, which is good. It's so great to have a toy that can keep a baby entertained for periods of time and keep them safe in one spot at the same time. If it weren't for my exersaucer, I would hardly ever be able to shower :) I used mine from the time each of my babies were about 4 months old and they used them up until over a year old. I love that this can be folded to a flatter position for storage and that it has three different levels to set it at for different age babies. It's easy to change the setting in case you have a daycare or babysit occasionally.




Not that much fun


When my son was old enough to need an exersaucer/jumperoo, I asked many people which was a better option since I didn't have the space for both (nor did I want to spend that much money on a toy that wouldn't be used for that long) . Most recommended an exersaucer so I chose to go with this particular one. However unfortunately, my son didn't enjoy it. firstly, i guess because he is a little tall for his age, even at the highest setting, he wasnt able to really bounce in it, although he met the weight/age and technically height requirements. it seemed to him that he was imprisoned in the little piece of plastic. also, while it is colorful, its basic primary colors that are gender neutral but not so fun and bright. the toys on it didnt really hold his attraction for anything other then as a use to chew on, which he basically did for every other toy. it had to be returned in the end, and it wasnt missed at all.


Augusta, ME


The Exersaucer never gets old in our house!


I have used this produce for all 4 of my kids and have never had to replace it! All 4 kids have loved it! Ours is the jungle theme so it has a few more toys than the one in the picture. It's so convenient and gives the baby so much to look at and play with! I never have to worry if they'll get hurt in it because it doesn't move like the old ones did that had wheels on them. I also like that it grows with your child. You can raise it up three different levels as they get taller. I like that all of the surfaces are easy to clean and you can throw the fabric seat in the washer. For everything else, I just wipe it down with a clorox wipe. I would definitely recommend getting one! It has always been a hit at our house! Durability I bought ours in 2005 and we're still using the same one with baby number 4!


Spring, TX


Kept baby busy and mommy happy


My daughter loved this ExerSaucer. The height is adjustable, so that it grew with her. I was worried that she would get sick of it before it needed to be adjusted, but nope. The seat covering can be tossed in the wash fairly easily. She loved spending time in this, playing with the toys, spinning it around, and just standing in it staring out the window. It was a huge help to me while I was in the kitchen. We had it parked in the dining room because as others mentioned, it is pretty bulky to move around too much.


Boston, MA


Will keep your child entertained and helps them Learn!


This is a great toy and a must have! It will give mom a break and also help teach your child to play on their own. It is easy to clean and set up. It is a little noisy when the child bounces. It spins in a full circle giving your child a large play area. There are also flat surfaces where you can put a snack like cheerios for your child to learn to pick up.


Sumas, WA


Fun for a time.


We bought this for my daughter when she was somewhere around 4-6 months old. She enjoyed it until she was able to stand and move around on her own, then began to feel constrained by it. It was very useful and entertaining for the length of time she used it, but the price is higher than other toys that held her interest longer. Still, I would recommend it.


Rio Rancho, NM


My 19 month old STILL plays with it!


My son received his Exersaucer as a gift when he was 6 months old.  From the moment it was assembled - he LOVED it!  I found it very versatile, going from indoors to outside easily.  It cleaned well with a water hose and sponge.  Even though he doesn't fit into it any more, I still find him playing with the many activities.  Definitely worth the money, even though I didn't have to spend it. :)


Abilene, TX


This is great in so many ways


I really wanted an Exersaucer for my third child, but I couldn't afford the big fancy ones.  I hunted until I found this one, which was priced perfectly for me, and is a great deal for the money, in my opinion.  It has several different types of toys, but I wish some of them weren't made from hard plastic.  When my son was 4 months old and couldn't aim for the toys very well, he'd wave his hands around and smack them into the harder toys sometimes.  He also gets frustrated trying to teethe on the hard ones.  He does love the mirror and the flower that squeaks.  He's able to play with all the toys by himself now, at 6 months.  He also loves rocking it from side to side.This does have to be assembled, and there are quite a few parts, but it wasn't difficult.  As someone else mentioned, the legs take some figuring out.  I'm really happy with this product over all.  It keeps my son happy and safe while I work nearby.  He loves being in it for short periods several times a day. 


Independence, MO


Save your sanity, get this exersaucer.


This exersuacer is awesome, what better way to keep the baby entertained and immobile.  Anyone who has ever tried to do anything with an active baby on the loose will LOVE this exersaucer.  Baby is able to strength their legs to get ready for walking & entertain themselves at the same time.


Chicago Ridge, IL


My daughter loves her exersaucer


I received my exersaucer at my baby shower for my 1st daughter.  I often wondered when she would be able to sit up in it because the suggested age was six months.  By the age of two months my daughter was able to hold her head up and with the assistance of a blanket she was able to start playing in the exersaucer.  She absolutely loved it.  I love how you can easily change the height of the legs once my daughter started growing.  The exersaucer is also very easy to clean.  There are so many attachments that you can interchange and they are also dishwasher safe.  My daughter was able to use her exersaucer for more than a year, so i definately got my moneys worth.


Chattanooga, TN


Evenflo ExerSaucer Delux Active Learning Center

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