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Evenflo Envision High Chair

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Does a basic job


We got this high chair as a gift with our first child, and it surprisingly lasted for all three of our babies. Its pretty big and bulky, the seat originally reclined (but broke after the first year), it has a tray insert that can be put in the dishwasher (but we just washed it by hand). It has brakes on the four wheels, but they don't seem to be quite solid enough. Its an ok high chair that does its job, but probably would never choose it in the first place. Sturdiness Its sturdy enough, but the breaks could be better on it. My four year old can glide it around the kitchen with her brother sitting in it. The reclining chair is always falling back, and its hard to keep the baby upright. I don't feel its unsafe, but its definitely not sturdy after the first year. Design The idea of a reclining feeding position seemed neat, but its not really useful. There have been rare occasions where my child has fallen asleep while sitting in the high chair, and we have reclined the seat. But I would prefer a different chair that was more solid. Safety It does its job, standard seat for the baby. There is a seat belt around the child, and there is a special locking mechanism for the tray. There have been a few times where the tray hasn't clicked completely in place, and my child has been able to kick the tray off and food has flown all over the ground, but it usually works fine. Ease of Cleaning You can take off the entire seat part and just throw it into the washing machine to clean. The tray is pretty standard, I just hand wash. There is a place between the top and bottom of the seat, where food likes to get stuck. You can get it out for the most part though, its just annoying sometimes.




I hate this chair...grrr & hisss


I wish I never bought this chair, twice. Yes, I really did buy it twice. And I did because I thought maybe the one I had was just a bad egg. Nope. This chair is a piece of crap. I seriously wouldn't give this chair to someone whom I hated. The recline feature broke on BOTH, so it was permanently in recline mode. I had to pile pillows behind my kid so they could eat. Also, the cloth seat cover is such a dumb idea. Food gets in the fibers of the cloth and you can't get it out. I washed it so much it faded (another problem), and the little helper pouch thingy never would stay on plus the compartments were too small for anything you'd naturally store there to fit in it. I swear, this is like Evenflo's first high chair ever or something... maybe made by someone who doesn't have kids? But wait, there's more! I tried to return it to the store when I started having problems with it, but since the cover was all faded from the FIRST time I washed it, I couldn't return it and ended up selling it for like 1/8th the price I paid for it in a garage sale.


Lubbock, TX


The Evenflo Envision High Chair has been recalled


Wow I didn't even know that our high chair had been recalled until I came to write my review. I am registered at CPSC and get all of their recall emails but somehow I missed this recall in 2009. I was given the Evenflo Envision High Chair in 2005 at my baby shower before I had my first baby. It's a cute high chair but I have pretty much hated it for a long time. The thing I hate the most about it is that it is so hard to clean. Yes, the cover comes off so you can wash it but it has openings at the side of the cover that allow food to fall through and the plastic underneath has a lot of holes for food to get stuck in. All over the high chair are little places that are just perfect for getting food stuck in & super hard to clean. I used this high chair with all 3 of my kids and I'm so glad that none of them were hurt from being in it. There is a button on it that says easy fold (to fold up the legs to store), it is not easy at all and it is really hard to adjust the chair up and down. Bad highchair!


Shelley, ID


Evenflo Envision - not such a great vision.


When purchasing a high chair for my son there weren't all that many options.  I went with a middle of the road one price wise.  It has a fabric covered seat cover - i thought that it would be more comfortable - but instead it just meant that i had to machine wash it after almost every use -- no way to just wipe it down. The tray is difficult to slide on - and I actually pinched my fingers more than once doing so. The back of the chair is hard to adjust - and several times it fell backwards (the rest not the whole chair)with my son sitting in it.  Luckily he was never hurt. Evenflo did warranty the issue - but really the second chair was no better than the 1st.   On the plus side --- I did like that it had wheels that lock on the legs -- we could roll it where we needed it and then lock the wheels. Also I liked that the seat had height adjustment - this meant if we were eating somewhere other than the kitchen table that we could lower him to the height we were at.


Nashwauk, MN


Worked for both my kids


I got the evenflow highchair as a gift at my first baby shower.  I picked it becuase of being reasonably priced and for the removable tray.  We just finished up using this with our 2nd son, we have had it for 6 years now and have had no problems with stability.  It has been a very comfortable and practical chair for my boys.  It will recline back if  you need it too or sometimes they just fall asleep while eating and you just don't want to wake them.  It has a removable tray and that is awesome for making qucik and easy clean ups and another thing that I love so much about thsi high chair is that the seat cover pad removes very easily and is machine washable and you just wash and put back on.  It also folds up easily and makes storage of a bulky baby item more manageable.  The one draw back I did find with my 2nd was that he doea like to prop his feet on the one had easy release bar.  He has never been able to get it to come off but he did move it up a few inches and that could leave enough room for him to fall out.


Perkins, OK


Good but things can get messy


The way this high chair is built. The one handed release helps baby make a huge mess. My son puts his feet up there and releases the tray and everything on it all ovr the floor! I ended up getting a different high chair> But it is way cute. We love the wheels and fold up for storage and the ease of the different heighth levels and the asjustable back part of the seat. This chair is also so easy to clean. Comes with a tray that can be washed in the sink with the dishes, and the cloth part of the chair comes of easily andcan be washed and dryed with the rest of the laundry


Toledo, OH


Evnision Evenflo High Chair Is Not Good


I bought this high chair from Evenflo because it really was cute and pratical. But, after using it for about two weeks I noticed it was nto stable at all. Th Evenflo Envision high chair was actually recalled I found out and I had to take it back to the store. If you have this high chair you need to return it or call Evenflo because it can tip over easily and does not hold up well to a child who likes to move around a lot. I found out the hard way that it was just not sturdy enough for my baby and glad I caught that they recalled this model. Evenflo has had some great products come out and things like this just happen to some products. My take is that they just are trying hard to get them out to fast for consumers and not enough testing done on them. But, this high chair is super cute and does has some good sides to it above all the recalling and Evenflo has made durable products for years and years.


Mobile, AL


poor quality!


I bought this chair in 2002 and had it less than 1 year. The plastic wheels on it did not make it easy to move around. Two wheels broke off and one of my twins was able to break the plastic latch under the tray by pushing it off with his feet. Not only is it a safety hazard it was not durable. Definately lost money on this one. Would not recommend the Evenflo Envision high chair. Would have to say the only thing I did like about the high chair was the fact  that it was easy to clean with removable cover and straps. Also the buttons on the sides were difficult to press and release, making it difficult to close and store. Because of it being Evenflo brand I thought it would be a good product and to my surprise I was disappointed. Not one of the most expensive high chairs.


Decherd, TN


Do Not Buy This High Chair


I bought this high chair in 2003 before the birth of my first child. I know it wasn't very expensive, but from a name like Evenflo, I thought I could trust them. I used the high chair for a short time with my first child and stored it and just began using it again for my second child. One of the front wheels came off shortly after beginning use with the first child and it never has stayed on since. It makes it almost impossible to push around especially on carpet. Also, with both kids they quickly learned to push the tray off with their feet, which makes for many messes to clean up. With slight wiggling, the seat reclines on it's on which is quite aggravating and scary the first few times it happens because you think your child is going to fall in the floor. I liked the adjustment feature on the chair until my husband pinched his finger in it while raising it the other day.  I was just glad it wasn't my child's finger.  I contacted Evenflo and they offered me half off on a new high chair, but I declined. Why would I want to buy another high chair from them??  They probably would have done more if the purchase had been more recent, but I don't guess they took into consideration that I haven't used the high chair the entire time since 2003.  Only a short time for my first child and just began using it again for my second child.


Ringgold, GA


Evenflo Envision High Chair

2.1 9