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Evenflo Elan Baby Bottles

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Won't use


My 2 mth old will not use this bottle the nipple collapes in everytime she tries to use it then she wont eat so i have to change bottles during feeding.  I have a problem when trying to get the nipple to go back with the ring after i wash it.  I made the mistake of buying 2 even after i read bad reviews on it and thought i would give it a try with i would not have wasted the money now.


Caseyville, IL


The Best Bottle If You Are Transitioning From Breast To Bottle


When I was trying to switch from breast to bottle it was very difficult. I wasn't even planning it, I had gotten sick with the stomach virus and the doctor told me I had to "pump and dump" my breast milk. My husband went out and literally bought one of each kind of bottle from Wal-Mart to see which one Ally would take. It took him 7 hours of fighting and 12 bottles later to get Ally to feed out of the Evenflo Elan, I believe it was because the base of the nipple is big and it also has these little bumpy things like a real nipple does. This is the bottle to try if you are trying to go from breast to bottle.


Guntersville, AL




I bought these bottles and they are terrible wouldnt recommend them to anyone . They leaked so bad every single one that came in the package. Thought it was a defect exchanged them. Same thing again.. Waste of money


Theodore, AL


Cute colors, terrible product!


I loved the colors of these bottles but hated the actual product! First I hated the nipples, too large, collopsed, and very VERY hard to get back into ring after washing! My kids found it too hard to hold such a large bottle (width,) used a couple times and then given away... big waste of money!


Clark, MO


Great bottles and great price


I purchased these bottles for my 3rd child born in January and have used them on several different occasions. I am breastfeeding and found it very easy for my son to transition back and forth from the bottle to the breast. Great buy!!!


Clearwater, FL


The only bottles I would reccomend!


We bought a bunch of different bottle for my son and they all seemed to make him spit up soo much.  We tried this one and he immediately stopped spitting up so much.  The bottles were so easy to clean too, so that was really nice.  My son used these until he was 9 mo old and then went to a sippy cup and now a "big boy" cup.  My son is currently 15 mo old and we're expecting again in just a couple months.  I have already purchased new Evenflo Elan bottles for the new baby boy.  The only thing I did not like about these bottles is that for some reason the yellow ones seemed to leak.  These are also great for breastfeeding mother. The nipple is VERY similar to the real thing.  It even has little bumps on it, like an aereola!


Brooklyn, IA


Evenflo Elan Baby Bottles

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