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Evenflo Discovery Infant Car Seat

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Great buy


My lo rested comfortably in this carseat until it was outgrown. Its lightweight, durable, and is a breeze to install.




Very nice car seat!


Wonderful car seat, I really love pretty much everything about this car seat I know that when I put my child in this that he is nice and safe and I have nothing to worry about Ease of Installation This car seat is a little bit harder to put into the base than other car seats I've had in the past, you have have to tilt it pretty far forward which makes the child lean forward when you go to put it into the vehicle in order to get it to click in properly, and when you go to pull it out when you pull the lever on the back and pull up on the front if you aren't careful you will pinch yourself in between the car seat and the base but that won't happen if you're making sure to keep your hand out of the way carefully. Child's Comfort My son loves this car seat, the second I put him in it he's calm and most of the time falls right to sleep, the straps are perfectly placed and don't bother him, and there's just enough padding to comfortably support his head. Support and Safety Great support, you can tell when you buckle your child into this car seat that the straps fit them perfectly and will hold them in if you happen to have a crash. Ease of Use Very easy to use, I love the handle it makes it so much easier to carry the car seat around Design I love the design of the whole car seat and the handle, but I do wish they made the canopy cover a bit longer in the back so it would fit over the back of the seat as well as cover the baby's eyes with this, you have to choose one or the other Durability From what I can see it's very durable, I haven't had it for very long but it seems like it's a very tough car seat.




Cheap and Dangerous


I purchased this carseat based on ratings I looked up online.  It seemed to get good ratings.  However, I returned it to the store before my infant was 3 weeks old.  I spent an hour and a half trying to get the base in correctly.  Then I noticed the plastic "clip" on the base, closest to the back of the car seat.  There were stress marks on the plastic, just from moving the infant seat on and off the base.  The carrier seemed hard to use from the get go.  The foot of the carrier must be inserted under the hook of the plastic clip, then you install the back into metal clips.  The angle is very hard to get right, and when you have a newborn, it is very scary watching his head snap forward trying to get the carrier installed.  I am 5'6" and 145 lbs.  If I can cause stress fractures on the plastic, just by moving the infant seat in and out of the car, I am afraid to imagine what would happen in an accident.  SCARY!!  I took pictures of the stress marks and plan to post them online, anywhere I can.  By the way, I bought a Graco instead, and it is great!


Lakeland, FL


Safe, affordable, on the small side.


One thing I really like about this car seat is that it is inexpensive. Safety is really important to me in a car seat and this one was side inpacted tested. This is so important. Even if you don't get this car seat, be sure to look for this feature! My baby does not mind sitting in it for long car trips. The base is easy to install. I don't like the weight is only up to twenty-two pounds. My six month old is sixteen pounds. I am going to have to buy another car seat sooner than I was hopeing. The design on the fabric is kind of ugly to me too. The car seat is on the small side too. I also have the Graco infant car seat and it is way more roomy. The Shade on this is a joke. It does not cover the seat at all and does not block out any sun from my babies face. The shade does not move well either. Save yourself a head ache and spend a little more and get a better quality seat that will last you longer.


Big Sandy, TX


The least expensive car seat I could find--good deal!


When we were expecting our first baby, we were trying to purchase a good quality car seat that we could use over and over again--as inexpensively as possible. This was what we ended up getting. It's not the prettiest car seat out there, for sure. When I see some of the beautiful car seats that other babies have, I kind of regret being so economical. But it has worked great for us so far for two babies. One nice thing about this particular model is that it works for a boy or a girl baby. It comes with a base, which is nice, but it can also be strapped into a car even without the base, which is even nicer for when I need to go somewhere with the baby in someone else's car. It's pretty easy to clean--which I really like--because I can take off the seat cover and just throw it in the washer and dryer. It's a little bit tricky to adjust, but not too bad. The only problem we've had with it is that the sun-shield cover snapped in one spot, so we had to buy a replacement part. The part itself was pretty inexpensive, but the shipping price was pretty steep. Still, we could have just done without the sun visor if we'd needed to. Overall, we've been very happy.


Mesa, AZ


evenflo is not a good carseat!


wow, information abouta evenflo carseat, where do i start? well let see they suck! ive known about 4 people to have had a evenflo carseat and they have broke, a couple of them were carrying there child in the carseat when it broke and their child almost fell out. the handles are not very good, they break where you would normally hold the carseat at  to carry your child around. they are cheap carseats but would you like to buy a cheap one at teh risk of your child falling from your arms when the handle breaks or buy a more expenive carseat thats gonna last longer and be way more safe for your child to be in.. graco is a great carseat....me and my family ahve been givin evenflo carseat and turned around and just threw them right in the trash even though they were brand new carseats,i dont want to risk my child getting hurt over a carseat that isnt worth nothing, so i ended up buying another carseat!


Elizabeth City, NC


Simply the Perfect Car Seat


Is a really easy and useful product. I love it, since the first time, it is very helpful when not going in the car(i.e. going out the hospital). It can be use for babies from newborns to one year old.  It has a neutral colors, so it is perfect for both, boys and girls. It does not weight like others cars seats(very heavy). And for times we are passing for, the most important fact: they are really not expensive (and if it were, does not matter a lot because it really worth it) is one of the car seats you'll find for less and still giving you good value, available in most of the baby stores and retail stores. I feel really comfortable knowing it is a safe product that also keep my babies comfortable and safe. I would really recommend this product, i found it a great and awesome product.  


Miami, FL


Evenflo Discovery Infant Car Seat

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