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Evenflo Comfort Select Performance Dual Auto-Cycling Breast Pump

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Confusing at first but useful after you get used to it.


I didn't even want to give it a try because It just looked intimidating to me, but once I really read through the instructions an got the hang out it, it really is a useful breast pump. It is way quicker than most breast pumps I have tried out. It isn't as loud and it is pretty comfortable. Comfort It is one of the most comfortable breast pumps I have used. With the switch that lets you adjust the suction power, you can have it on such a power that is comfortable to you. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. Durability I have dropped it, my son has played with it with out me looking and it still works where as a different brand of breast pump broke within the first 2 weeks. Versatility Not very versatile as here really s only one use for it. Ease of Use I had to get the hang of it before I was able to use it correctly, maybe the instructions could be a little more up front and have more pictures of what they are talking about.




The evenflo dual electric breast pump didn't hold up.


The evenflow dual electric breast pump was ok when I first used it. I'm a stay at home mom, so I wasn't using this pump very much. After maybe once a day use for a month, I upped to twice a day use (for baby's breakfast and dinner). After about a month, I noticed the pump didn't have the suction power it used to. After two months only one pump worked, and that was about half power. I only used the pumgp for *maybe* 6 months, and that would be pushing it. It was probably more like 4 months. Granted, it is a lower priced pump, but I expected it to at least carry me through one year, pumping twice a day for 5 months. Aside from the failed pump, it was somewhat cumbersome compared to my new pump. It was supposed to be hands free, but only if you had the exact height table and was willing to sit perfectly still and upright the entire time. Otherwise, you really needed to hands or some creative arm holding, and it was very loud. I did like that the breast shields were clear because it made it easier to make sure it was positioned properly on the breast.


Morganza, MD


Spend the money and get a better one.


Trying to save money, I purchased this breast pump.  I planned to pump and bottle feed in order to better monitor how much my daughter was eating.  The pump worked fine for the first few days, it worked very well actually.  Soon, however, the little blue piece prevents backflow began to stick while in use, and needed cleaned and dried to correct the problem at each use.  I contacted the manufacturer who offered to repair or replace it if I would send them the unit, however, being without a pump was not an option.  It would have been much easier to use if it had a "hands-free" option, a stand or something to connect the two pumps so you didn't have to  hold both at the same time to use both. I also found that the Playtex Drop-Ins bottle system that I was using at the time was not compatible with the pump - it would have been nice to pump directly into the bottle I was going to feed from rather than have to transfer and risk spilling or contaminating milk.


Boston, NY


If I had it to do over...I'd buy the single.


I am a first time exclusively breast feeding mom.  I was not planning to pump but after the encouragement of our pediatrician who really wanted us to suppliment we decided to get a pump to evaluate my supply.  I wanted a double pump because I thought it would be more convenient.  I didn't want to spend too much because it wasn't something I planned to use a lot.  The only other pump that I have used was in the hospital, so it was a hospital grade double pump which was what I thought all double pumps were.  This is two seperate pumps.  I am sure this is more convenient for some, but I find it so difficult that I just use one at a time, hence wishing that I had just puraches the single pump.  If I were pumping more I may feel differently, but where I am just pumping occasionally it's more inconvenient then it's worth.  That said the pump works well and I am happy with the overall performance.  Just wish I had done a little more research into the double feature on this pump.


Draper, UT


Evenflo dual electric pump is disappointing


Yes, I am a bargain shopper and am always seeking the best deal. The Evenflo dual electric pump is inexpensive, but for a little extra I'd invest in something that would actually do its job. I am so disappointed in this pump that I felt that it was my duty to alert other women of this poor excuse for a breast pump. These pumps are poorly manufactured, and though it is inexpensive, it feels cheap. The suction doesn't work well and it was very awkward having to adjust the pumps every few minutes. I was unable to produce enough milk to store for later use, even after more than an hour of using it. I couldn't believe it. I invested in a hand pump to use at work (not an Evenflo) and it was great. In 10 minutes I could pump more milk with the single hand pump, than I could in 1 hour with this dual electric pump.  So I put the Evenflo in the closet and continued to use the hand pump instead. Unless you have hours to sit and pump you'll be wasting your time with this one.


Cherry Hill, NJ


The Evenflo electris breast pump is a must have!


Im a big believer in breastfeeding but my last two babies were both premature which required a couple weeks in the NICU. So I went out on a search for breast pumps and debated which one would be best. I found the dual electric breast pump by evenflo for a very reasonable price so I decided why not try. I ABSOLUTELY loved it! I couldn't have survived without it!! Its very comfortable and has an adjustable gage so you can set it to the the pressure that you are comfortable with. Also it is very portable...can take it anywhere with you which was a great feature for me traveling to see my baby in the hospital. The bottles they provide fit the standard nipples that are at the hospital so it made it so much easier to travel with and feed baby. Another thing, the unit is very easy to clean after use. They also included inserts so you get the right fit. I liked the dual over the single just cuz you tend to leak while doing one then the other and it was much faster to get it done all at once. And like I said the price was excellent. I would definitely recommend this product to every new mother I know!! VERY satisfied with the breast pump!


Crete, IL


Evenflo Dual Electric Breast Pump makes pumping milk a breeze.


Evenflo Comfort Select Performance Dual Electric Breast Pump is a easy to use product.  I was unable to feed my son from my breast so I had to alternate breast milk and formula.  This pump made that process my easier.  With the dual breast pump, I was able to pump both breast at the same time.  This made an already lengthy process shorter, which with a newborn, was a blessing.  The pump was extremely easy to put together and operate, even being sleep deprived.  It was also very easy to take apart and clean each pump.  The bottles came with lids and nipples so they could be stored or used right away.  It also came with a lot of special designed freezer bags so the breast milk would stay fresh and clean.  It also came with a nice carrying case that included ice packs so you could pump on the go and keep your breast milk fresh.  The pump also had several different speeds to choose from, so you are able to always get a comfortable speed for you.  Also, this pump was very reasonable priced and is worth the money.


San Diego, CA


Evenflo Dual Breast Pump--comfortable and efficient!


I am very impressed with the Comfort Select Performance Dual Auto Cycling Breast Pump!  I just had my first baby at the beginning of September, and I really wasn't sure what to expect in terms of breastfeeding.  I had no idea that it could hurt so much!  Without this product, I don't think I would have made it through the first two weeks!  The set comes with the two pumps, two bottles with nipples, a cooler bag, and the plug-ins for the pumps.  You can use batteries or plug directly into the wall, depending on whether or not you are pumping from home or in a place where you can't get to electricity.  These pumps are very efficient--I am able to get almost as much milk as the baby does when I pump!  I especially love that there are two so I can get the entire job done in one sitting instead of pumping one side and then the other.  It can be a little tricky to hold both bottles, so they also give you bottle stands that you can attempt to balance on your lap while pumping.  These work well unless you are trying to do something else at the same time :)  I have heard from others who used hand pumps that the automatic pumps are really worth it, and I have to agree (even though I've never used the hand pumps).  You spend a great deal of time pumping while you are waiting to heal, and I can't imagine how hard it would be to try to do this manually.  I highly recommend this product!


Colorado Springs, CO


Would Not recommend to anyone who!


The Evenflo Comfort Select Dual Breast Pump is by far the worst piece of equipment I have ever purchased. My husband and I purchased the pump about a week before my Son was due. We were so excited because it was the ONLY dual pump for a reasonable price. Next time I will know Not to be deceived by the price. What is cheapest Is Not always best. We immediately put the pump together when we returned home. Eager to see how it worked. Right away the Right pump did not have any suction. We checked to make sure that we had put everything together the correct way..and we had! The day finally came for me to actually put the pump to use. I was horrified! It was very painful and took quite a long time to pump anything at all. I know this was Not normal for a pump, as I have already purchased A new one...that works Much better. I was sooo Upset. We decided to clean it up and return it to the store we bought it from. We tried to see if maybe we had gotten a faulty one..Only to find that it happened with the second one as well. Frustrated with the product, I began reading online about it. To No Surprise, every article I could Find was Not a good one. I could not find one good review. Needless to say, I took it back and opted to buy a pricier one. Which in the end had been AMAZING!


Ringgold, GA


Would not recommend this to nursing women


When I brought my son home from the hospital, my milk supply had already been diminished due to the nurses supplementing him while in the hospital. I recieved the Evenflo dual breast pump at my baby shower and was really excited to use it. I needed to pump as well as nurse to get my milk supply up. After 3 weeks of using this product it lost all suction. Thankfully the store that it was purchased at let us exchange it for a new one. This couldnt of come at a better time, my son developed thrush and I decided it would be best to pump until it went away. Five weeks later the pump started to make a horrible noise, and lost suction again. I took it back to the store and ended up exchanging it for a different brand. I then proceeded to write to evenflo about my horrible experience, and what did I get? A response from Evenflo advising that they would pass the information along. I have since received a Medela Pump, which is the brand I would recommend to all mothers who are nursing.


Milwaukee, WI


Evenflo Comfort Select Performance Dual Auto-Cycling Breast Pump

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