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Evenflo Comfort Select Disposable Nursing Pads

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Absorbs well


Being a first time mom I had no clue what to expect when the milk comes in, which I was not breast feeding so I was not prepared. I was in shock when my milk came in and I woke up with a wet shirt. I ended up realizing I needed to get these pads. They worked great. They do great at absorbing the fluid, and material that they use doesn't stick to you leaving "fuzz" on you when you go to remove. Never noticed any odor when they were wet and they could be used for a few hours at a time before you need to change them.



I stock up on this item because it is not available locally!


I am loving Evenflo Nursing Pads now that I have baby #2. I really don't remember this brand back in 2010-2011 when I was nursing my first child; this brand just didn't stand out at the time and I gravitated towards another brand. When I began nursing my second child I tried a whole bunch of different nursing pad brands (probably around 5), and loved the Evenflo brand. They come packed in pairs which is not only nice for travel (throwing in a diaper bag or with my pump) because then they are protected and wrapped in plastic, but it is nice that they are as a pair. When nursing pad companies pack them as singles I would often have one less than I needed and it was an extra step of unwrapping two vs. one (sounds silly but with two kids every second counts). I have never felt any moisture against my skin like I have with other brands and they mold well to my body so you cannot see them through my clothing. They also hold quite a bit of liquid. My only complaint is that not all stores carry this item. They are unavailable at my local big box "has everything" stores, so I have to travel to a big box baby store to stock up on them (about 45 minutes from my house). I gladly make the trip to stock up on these!

Grafton, WI


Evenflo Comfort Select Disposable Nursing Pads are just ok


Evenflo Comfort Select Disposable Nursing Pads are just ok, not the best, but not the worst either.  They do the job, they keep me from leaking, so they do work.  They don't have sticky tabs, so they don't really stay in place and have to be readjusted every time I nurse.  They also don't stay in place when I am working out, which can be a bit embarrasing.  They are very absorbant, but I wish they would add a little sticky tab to keep them in my nursing bra or tank without moving all over the place.  They are discreet under clothing, not bulky whatsoever and are comfortable to wear.  I have not had any issues with breathability, which is a must when you have to wear something like this all day and night, they are comfortable and pull the moisture away from the skin.  They are packaged in 2 packs, which does make sense, but sometimes you need to only change one out so I just save one unpackaged until I need it. 

Hurricane, UT


Evenflo Nursing pads are the best: you can't tell they're there!


I loved these nursing pads. In my area, I was only able to find them at Buy Buy Baby, and was very upset when they ran out! They are reasonably priced, plus there was a coupon in the box for a future purchase. The pads absorbed the milk wonderfully, and I never had any issues with them getting too full and leaking. Also, you can't tell that you're wearing nursing pads! You cannot see them from the outside, they don't get lumpy.

Clementon, NJ


Best nursing pads I have tried.


I have tried many different brands of nursing pads over the course of 2 children.  I have found none of them to be completely invisible under my clothing (unless I am wearing something particularly thick, like a sweatshirt or winter sweater).  The Evenflo pads come the closest.  They are not as noticeable as other brands I have used, and are soft and comfortable.  For awhile I thought the only ones they made were the ones with Lanolin in them, so I used those even though after my son was no longer a newborn I really didn't need the Lanolin anymore.  Then I discovered they made them without the built-in Lanolin, so I have now been using those.  I like that they don't have the sticky stuff on them that some others have, to secure to your bra - I feel like they stay put well enough with that, and it is easier to remove them and put them back in my bra discreetly while breastfeeding.  I highly recommend these pads, especially for larger-chested women.   

Grand Rapids, MI


Evenflo Disposable Nursing pads are good but need some tweaking.


I am the proud mom to five wonderful, breastfed kids. With my last pregnancy I found Evenflo Comfort Select Disposable Nursing Pads. I though yipee! I don't have to clean and keep track a several cloth pads. The nursing pads do there job. I did not leak through when they were placed correctly. The tape to hold them in was not very strong and would shift if I placed it wrong and adjusted. Also I found that on my tender breasts these were scratchy and slightly uncomfortable. I loved being able to just throw away the nursing pads when I was done. Evenflo made a great stride foward in making disposable nursing pads but they still need some work.

Fairmont, WV


Evenflo Comfort Select Disposable Nursing pads are HORRIBLE!!


I bought the Evenflo Comfort Select Disposable Nursing Pads one time because they are less expensive then other brands. NEVER will I make that mistake again! These nursing pads litterally fall apart while they are being worn. There were many times I would be getting ready to nurse my son and the cotton filling they have inside the pads would be all over my breast! The outer liner came off no problem, so did the cotton part inside. I buy the Lansinoh breast pads and have had absolutely no problems with them. Evenflo seems like a good brand, but not for Breast pads. Don't waste your money on these, pay a little bit more money and get a lot better quality.

Logan, UT


Evenflo Comfort Select Disposable Nursing Pads

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