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Evenflo Comfort Care Manual Breast Pump

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Never buy this evenflo pump!!


I thought i would buy a pump and have some milk in the freezer for when my son started cereal. The first week of using the pump was great it did what it was supposed to do. After a week of use the handle started to crack on the pump. It started off small as a small crack and in the blink of an eye the whole handle was cracked. I tried taping the handle up because at the time I couldn't go out and buy another pump. It went from being an amazing pump to a piece of trash!

De Soto, IL


Really cramps your hand


When I was looking for a breast pump I was on a budget but I was looking for a good quality pump. I was planning on breast feeding most of the time but also wanted my fiance to be able to feed him and also for when I would go back to work. So I figure with that in mind that I would be safe with a manual pump. Well What I didn't have in mind was what if the baby couldn't latch on and that I would have to pump the whole time, now I didn't realize how tiring and how much it would cramp my hand up while pumping, also while pumping your hand squeezes against the bottle and makes the bottle detach which is really frustrating to have to keep putting it back on. Also while pumping yes the majority of the milk goes into the bottle but some of it makes a puddle under your breast and also leaks down and I had to put a wash cloth or burp rag under my breast to catch it because it would soak my bra.

Trenton, MI


Wouldn't recommend this to anyone who wants a working product!


Not to bash Evenflo, but when it comes to breast pumps, they need to up their quality! I purchased a manual pump when I first had my son and I HATED it. I would pump for 45 minuts and get maybe 2 ounces. The suction was terrible on the funnel piece and I could barely get any milk out. The bottle that came with mine was nice and I love that it came with a nipple too (Some don't!) But other than that,I didn't like it at all!

New Oxford, PA


With Evenflo manual breast pump- you get what you pay for


I would not recommend the Evenflo manual breast pump. It is a cheap product- price and quality. I was hospitalized a week after giving birth and had to pump and dump my milk. I sent my husband to get me a breast pump to make the process easier. I ended up expressing my milk by hand because this product was hard to assemble and even harder to use. I could not get a good suction with this pump and when I finally did get some suction, it took FOREVER to pump. I wish I would have put what little money this pump cost towards a better pump. I tried using it after I got home from the hospital and after only about ten pumps I had milk leaking out of the handle of the pump and the suction was lost. I tried taking the whole thing apart to clean it and it was hard to do. It's a very frustrating product- save yourself the frustration and buy a better pump. You are truly getting what you pay for with this product.

Export, PA


The comfort Select Manual Breast Pump is convenient to use.


The Comfort Select Manual Breast pump is convenient to use anywhere. It doesn't require electricity so I can use it in the car when traveling with my husband or on a hike. It does take allot of work to manually pump for 10 to 15 minutes each time and only one side at a time. The suction strength can cary. Making it easier for every mom at any stage in nursing! It comes with a travel case to keep it clean, which I can easily toss into our duffle bag and go visit family for the weekend! It's small and discreet. Not like carrying the big dual, electric pumps around with your diaper bags! It is easy to wash. The bottle it comes with also has a lid, and a nipple. So I can easily store it or feed it to my baby immediately! Something I also enjoy on the go, like in our car! Plus it doesn't cost much! Which is perfect for a budget concious family like us. I would reccomend the Comfort Select Manual pump to any mom who needs a light, easy to use, easy to assemble, portable breast pump.

Denmark, WI


Comfort Select manual breast pump by evenflo is a lifesaver!


Evenflo Comfort Select manual breast pump is a must have for nursing mothers.  I was amazed at how fast and cleanly it can get the job done.  I used it in the car while on long trips and also at home when our baby started sleeping all night.  It comes apart easily and washes up in a quick minute.  I was worried about putting it back together but that was a snap also.  The instructions were easy to read and understand.

Humboldt, KS


evenflow manual breast yourself some time and invest


Save yourself frustration, heart ache and time by investing in an electric pump if you plan to breastfeed. I tried the evenflow manual breast pump and ended up very frustrated and dissapointed. It is dificult to assemble (especially if your in a hurry!!) has lots of parts to clean and is a pain to get the suction just right so you can get a little milk out. If you are only trying to releave discomfort, or only need to pump m once per week for a night out,Then maybe this product is for you, but if you need to pump regularly, take the time, do you research and invest in a nice electric pump.You will save so much time and frustration if you do. I know the price tag on an electric pump can be a bit intimidating, but in the long run, if you are serious about breast feeding than an electric pump is the way to go. I did use the evenflow manual pump when I first had my son, and ended up having a horrible time with it....I honestly achieved more milk for him by manually expressing my own milk without a breast pump!!!!!

Hagerstown, MD


Evenflow's Manual Breastpump is not for first time mothers!!!


Being a first time parent is scary enough, especially the quiet times. While trying  to figure out all the needs of a newborn that won't nurse at your breasts, your family telling you all the things you're doing wrong and a screaming hungry baby in the middle of the night that can't wait for you to regain the feeling in your hand from using the Evenflo  Manual Breast-pump, that is a problem that can be avoided altogether. The breast pump commercials are a little intimidating. Speaking from experience 4 ounces is a lot to attempt to pump during the beginning stages of sleep deprivation as a new parent... 

Atlanta, GA


Evenflo Comfort Care Manual Breast Pump

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