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Evenflo AMP LX Belt-Positioning Booster

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fabric wears out quickly


I liked this booster seat at first but then I figured out it was too wide with the big arm rests to fit in the backseat of the car with other seats. Its so wide it wouldn't fit with the others and we had to only use it if there was only one other seat in the back. Its fabric wore out really quick and the seat is hard plastic so it was rock hard without the cover so we had yo use a towel folded up or a small blanket. I think there are much nicer boosters then this one and I thought it was way too wide at the armrests and it didn't work very well for us. I prefer the booster seats with the highback and they take up less room then this backless seat. I think the ones with the back are much better and the kids seem more comfortable with a back and they are better off with the back if they are prone to falling asleep in the car so they stay seated properly and not leaned forward and have their head flopping about. I don't reccomed this seat though. It wore out too quick and it was too big and uncomfortable the cup holder elastics stretched right out and were unusable as well . There are better ones out there for sure.




Great booster seat


I bought this seat for my kindergarten student who is now 11 but the seat is floating around as an "extra" for his siblings. Ease of Installation The installation of this seat was easy and a great reprieve from the 5 point restraint seats which are always so difficult to install! Child's Comfort When m,y child started Kindergarten we had to move him to a booster but he was still barely over 40 pounds. However, he never complained about the comfort level of the seat. Support and Safety My child is especially short and light for his age so I always felt comforted by the extra safety that the booster seat provided. He fitted him snugly and allowed the car seat belt to fit his body exactly where it needed to be on his torso. Ease of Use It was exceptionally easy to use. On click and we were off! Design The design was a little more attractive than the more run of the mill seats. Our seat was a vibrant red and had the ever attractive cup holders. Durability The seat is now over 5 years old and still comes out when we need a spare for the younger kids. It still looks okay.




Evenflo AMP LX Belt-Positioning Booster

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