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Eva Supreme Nail Lacquer

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Bought my Eva Supreme Nail Lacquer at the right time.


I was in K-Mart when they had a basket of beauty products reduced to ridiculous prices. I picked up several Eva Supreme Nail Lacquer bottles for 49 cents each. The size of the bottle is .5 fluid ounce (15 ml). The color I am using now is Eva 95 French. It is slightly darker than my nails, and gives them the most brilliant shine. The first hand is dry by the time I have finished the other one. It makes my finger nails feel much harder, which is good. It took 6 days for it to start to chip, and as the color was more of a neutral, I still didn't have to remove it. I am so glad that I bought several bottles.

New Port Richey, FL


Eva Supreme Nail Lacquer

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