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Eva-Dry Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

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Perfect for smaller areas


The Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier is the perfect dehumidifier for smaller sizes spaces. It helps to absorb the moisture from the enclosed and small spaces which will also protect from any mold or mildew growing. The Eva Dry dehumidifier is completely silent while on and in use because it doesn't require batteries or electricity to operate a fan. The nice feature is while it is plugged in to release the moisture that's been collected, it still doesn't emit any noise. Once it's been plugged in and fully charged it operates without additional power which is great to not have to worry about cords or plugs while using it. The unit being wireless gives you the convenience of placing it anywhere and easily moving it around without any hassle.


Philadelphia, PA


Eva-Dry is great for small places


We have a small closet in the basement, also where the washer and dryer are kept. Humidity and condensation forms on the walls and windows every time we run the dryer. Eventually mold stated to grow, plus the condensatin running down the wall is a ness to clean up. Since the area is small, this mini dehumidier seemed the way to go. Plus with no moving parts, water containers to empty, or noisy motors running, this dehumidifier is very quiet and reliable. It's small enough to move from room to room which is convenient. Now when the dryer is running, walls and windows are free of condensation with this little unit in the room. I let it re-charge overnight and it's back as good as new. The beads are guaranteed to last 10 years so I feel good knowing its going to last.


Rochester, NY


Eva Dry 500: doesn't need to be plugged in!


I bought this a few months ago because the place I am currently living has the only closet in the house right next to the shower. A year after moving in, I purchased the Eva-Dry500 and had it set up in the closet, and I still haven't had any mold problems in the closet. I had some mold problems in the adjoining bedroom afterwards, probably due to the fact that I usually open the bathroom door to let the moisture out of such a small area. I realize the product's size might prevent it from taking care of all the moisture within that large area. I heard the Eva Dry 300 (a tempting less-expensive smaller alternative) works in areas up to 50 square feet, while the Eva Dry 500 works in areas up to 100 square feet. So, I plan to buy another Eva Dry 500 just to be safe! It seems to need to be charged every three weeks or so, as expected, and I had no problems telling what color the beads/crystals are to know when to recharge (blue is good, pink means recharge). In order to recharge, I have it plugged in for a little over 12 hours. It does get pretty hot while recharging, but I make sure to recharge it upright on a power strip sitting on the ground so it can't fall over to cause a problem. It does make an occasional faint popping noise while recharging, but it's nothing distracting. I also make sure to recharge it in a room other than the one that I use it in, because I imagine it'd be releasing some moisture in doing so. All in all, I'm very happy that by using this product, I don't need to have a huge, noisy energy-hogging dehumidifier plugged in.


Greenville, SC


Eva-Dry Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

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