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Euro-Pro Shark
Euro-Pro Shark Professional Garment Steamer

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Not a good steamer!


I bought this item a year ago from the Euro-pro company, and it sucks. I thought this was going to be a really cool garment steamer, but I was wrong. When I finally got it turned on to start steaming, it didn't even work. It got really hot, but no steam would come out of it or anything. The water started leaking out of it instead. I kept turning it off and would try later, but it never worked. Also, it got too hot to touch, and I couldn't even hold the handle of it because it was so hot. I ended up returning my to the company, which was a huge hassle. It took me about weeks of trying to contact them about the issues I was having, and then I had to speak to several managers to finally get my refund. Do not waste your time buying this steamer. I would never recommend this product to anyone. Performance This steamer didn't work. I turned it on and it got really hot, but never steamed. It just leaked water. Safety Gets to hot to touch.



This steamer is faster and easier than ironing.


The Shark professional garment steamer keeps my clothes looking like they were professionaly cleaned.  The garment steamer heats up quickly and produces enough steam to remove wrinkles from several garments.  It works well on delicate silks and also on heavy fabrics.  I never have to worry about burning the fabric or ironing wrinkles into the fabric. The steamer comes with a pole on which to hang the garment to steam.  I have used this steamer on several formals with excellent results.  The formals are wrinkle free and the steam refreshes the fabric and removes odors from storage.  It is very easy to use and heats up quickly.  This is a must have to always have your clothes looking the best.

Canistota, SD


Not very effective


My husband bought this product to try and save me some ironing time. It does not. It takes more time to use than the iron, and is difficult to use. I sould onle use it in cases where i absolutely could not use an iron (drapes).

Chester, NJ


Euro-Pro Shark Professional Garment Steamer

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