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Euro-Pro Shark
Euro-Pro Shark Lightweight Professional Iron

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The Perfect Iron


I've used alot of irons over the years and this one is so far the best. It steams wrinkles right out of clothing while pressing them. My husband has to wear uniforms to work and he's very fussy how they look. He actually likes the iron so much he uses it himself!


Johnstown, PA


Perfect match for wrinkles!


I received this from a family member after she purchased a new iron, so I wasn't expecting it to be as great as it is! I wear professional business attire every day so this iron gets used almost every day. It has worked great! It is light and has a long enough cord. I got a fabric steamer as a gift a few months ago, but this iron is so much quicker to heat up so I actually prefer it to the steamer. I have nothing negative to say about it.




Quick and hot the way I like it!


I love this iron, and absolutely hate ironing! It heats up hot really fast, and gets out the wrinkles fast especially when you don't have the luxury of time. It's a little bit more pricey, but worth it!




The Euro-pro Shark iron stands up to heavy use.


I do a lot of personal sewing, and the Euro-Pro Shark iron has been very reliable for my sewing needs. It is a very heavy iron, making it easy to press clothing and fabric with the force necessary to get out tough wrinkles. Also, it has a very sensitive temperature control with steam blast and spray features. In addition, it is self-cleaning and holds a fair amount of water. The most useful feature of the iron is perhaps the auto-shut off feature, a definite must for someone who works with it several times a day. The iron is great for working with clothing and fabric of very light and delicate to very stubborn materials. The iron is able to get incredibly hot and also handle smaller temperatures thanks to the sensitive temperature control. The spray and steam feature also get the job done quickly. Unfortunately, although the self-clean feature is helpful, the iron itself needs to be cleaned often. Usually more than twice a month in order to prevent mineral deposits on clothes. Also, the steam blast function only works periodically, usually after some recharging, if you will. This iron was a great value for the money, though I would happily go more expensive to have a better steam blast feature.


Orlando, FL


We love Euro-Pro Shark GI408Z Lightweight Professional Iron


I really like the Euro-Pro Shark GI408Z Lightweight Professional Iron. I hate ironing, but this Euro-Pro Shark GI408Z Lightweight Professional Iron makes it easier. The steam is a nice amount- I have had irons in the past where they have too little steam and it takes forever to get the wrinkles out and I've had irons in the past that have so much steam they leave droplets of water on whatever I am ironing. The Euro-Pro Shark GI408Z Lightweight Professional Iron has just the right amount of steam though. I am a quilter so I spend a lot of time ironing seams and whatnot and the Euro-Pro Shark GI408Z Lightweight Professional Iron helps me get it done quicker and better without the mess. I would recommend it to anyone.


Portland, OR


Last Iron I'll ever need!


My husband has to have an ironed shirt every day of the work week. I hate ironing. We have bought over 5 different irons in the last 8 years of being married, and our most recent purchase was the Shark Professional iron. Huge bonus points for me! My husband loves to use this iron and so do I...we almost fight over who's turn it is to get to iron! I love how lightweight it is, but heavy enough to get a good press. I'm tempted to go buy another one while I can to save in case this one ever dies on us! I think you'll be just as happy with this iron if you decide to purchase it, it is great quality and presses and steams very well. I might buy another just to use for my crafting iron too. It's that good!


Eagle River, AK


Shark Iron keeps me looking great!


The Shark Professional Iron keeps my clothes and me looking good, which is important in my line of work. The Shark iron works great on my dress shirts, pants, and ties. It truely is a professional iron. It heats up quickly and has many heat settings, perfect for different fabrics. The steam feature is great and helps get wrinkles out rather quickly. The iron is not to heavy or bulkly and is easy to store in the closet. It holds a good amount of water for steaming the clothes. I have not had any issues with cleaning the iron nor any problems with mold or any issues where you store the water for steaming. I also like the sleak design of the iron. My wife hates to iron but has used this iron a few times and loves it.


Selkirk, NY


Great Iron!


I got this iron several months ago and it is simply great! I love that it comes with a cup for filling the water reservoir, which is easy to do. I like the electronic display for selecting what type of fabric you are ironing, it makes it super easy to make sure you are on the right temperature. I personally also really like the blue and silver coloring, though obviously that is completely cosmetic. The cord is plenty long for my purposes. I find that the heat is even and consistent, and the steam function works great. I use this to iron my military uniforms and so far I am very pleased. My previous iron was really inconsistent, and I never knew what setting to put it on. This iron completely solves that problem, and I expect it to last a long time. It seems to be constructed really well. The only thing I don't like is that there is no On/Off switch. If you want to turn it off you have to simply unplug it.


Beaverton, OR


Shark is great!!


If it is really possible to love something that causes work, this would be it. I have had this iron for almost two years. It is lightweight, and easily manuevers around buttons, collars and sleeves. I appreciate the steam that it puts out in just the right amounts. It doesn't clog and is pretty much maintenance free. The reservoir holds enough water so that I can usually iron everything I need to without refilling it. To date, this iron has caused me no issues at all. I use distilled water in it so I do not clean it. I am hoping that doesn't shorten its life. It has an automatic shut off, which is a great amenity. If left idle for more than 15 minutes, it will shut itself off. This is great fire prevention. In my opinion, it is worth the price I paid for it and if it ever wears out, I will buy another. It makes my ironing go by quickly and I am glad I found this iron. Thank you Shark, for this product!!


SmallTown, TX


great results and no wrinkles


I only recently got this iron because I got tired of my older one.  Without an ironing board, I was looking for something that could steam vertically so when I spotted this one, I picked it up.  The price is very good and reasonable for the device.  For small wrinkles, I can hang the clothes and steam them out without any problems.  Major wrinkles require more work and will most likely need an ironing board.  There are plenty of settings on the iron, making it very versatile.  The finish on the iron is very smooth and makes it easy to clean.  However, because it's got a shine to it, it doesn't take much calcium in the water to leave behind a residue, ruining the look.  I like that the tank can take so much water.  I was able to steam half a load of laundry with one filling.  One thing I'd like to see is a slightly longer cord so that I don't have to move the clothes closer to an outlet.  The iron is pretty good on the auto shutoff, and it can turn off rather quickly sometimes, but it stays heated for a while so powering it back on doesn't require much of a wait.


Houston, TX


Euro-Pro Shark Lightweight Professional Iron

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