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Euro-Pro Shark 80 - Sewing Machine

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I love it because it sews like an expensive machine


      I bought my Euro pro expecting it to be good like the advertisements say but it turned out to be better and makes my sewing a breeze. I make Civil War costumes for my grandaughter, my husband and myself and it allows me to make wonderful buttonholes and sew on the buttons. I love it for mending and for making my ancestor quilts.

Lisbon, OH


One of the easiest to operate.


This is a great machine for a beginner or a seasoned pro. It is quiet and easy to operate. It is an inexpensive machine. It has many functions and really sews a nice seam. You can use this machine for everyday use or special occasion wardrobe. It is simple to set up and I feel like I could sew all day. I have owned this machine for four months and I do not know how I ever got along without it. I have owned Singer machines in the past, and this one rates better then the new Singer machines to me. I love it.



Great for everybody


THis sewing machine is the perfect thing for everybody and anybody. It has all the feature you want for a professional look and a neat trim. I use it to shorten many things, like pants and dresses. I even made myself a pair of comfy pajama pants. I cannot say how easy it is to use this machine. Whenever i need to make a quick fix or repair, I simply take it out of the storage and plug it in and sew. The bobbin winding couldn't be easier. It winds all by itself. Also, there is automatic needle threading, which i find fascinating. the only problem i think could be better is that it stops sometimes and makes a noise that is noisy. I'm sure there are better machines out there, but this is perfect for my needs and wants. There are over 20 different stitch styles and it is so simple to change the stitch length and the stitch width. There is a special button for stretchy fabrics. It also knows how to do buttonholes.

Gilbert, AZ


This may be a good machine if I could figure out how to use it!


I was soooo excited to finally get a sewing machine! I had been wanting one for years to use sewing simple projects and for use with my scrapbooking. Finally, I received the Euro-Pro Shark as a gift and was in 7th heaven with all the thoughts of all the projects I would complete with my new toy. I ran, well maybe not quite ran, and set the machine up and started the process of filling a bobbin (just to try the feature out) and messing with the auto threading feature too. Once everything was in place I took out some fabric and started sewing! Everything was going great, I had a couple squares done when I decided to try out some of the other stitch designs....and that is where things went awry. For the life of me I couldn't get the stitch to stop bunching up on the bottom. Try as I might to adjust the tension and such I could'nt get it to work right on anything other than the straight stitch. Thus it only gets an average rating, not because I'm rating it down because of my potential user error, but for the fact that the instructions were so poorly written that try as I might I could not make heads or tails of how to get the thing working properly for anyting other than the straight stitch.

Redlands, CA


The Shark Euro-Pro a hard working inexpensive sewing machine


This little inexpensive sewing machine does and excellent job.  It is portable and lighweight.  It is extremely easy to thread and to sew with.  The instruction guide is very easy to understand. This machine is one tough worker.  I've sewed everything from fine lace to jean material and it doesn't skip a beat. It is an great machine for beginners and for advanced sewers. It has many capabilites and sewing options. It is very easy to jump from one option to another.  The bobbin is a standard one and I wish it was the drop in but it is okay as long as you tread it right and as long as the tread is wrapped correctly on the bobbin spool. The machine comes with quite a few sewing feet that are easy to put on. The one thing I don't like is how quickly the bobbin area becomes filled with compacted dust.  The brush they provide with the machine doesn't do a good enough job of cleaning.  I just take canned air and blow it out. You do have to constantly check for buildup.  All in all this is a great machine for the money.  It comes with it's own case.

Naches, WA


The Euro-Pro Shark 80 has a tendency to become jamed with thread


The Euro-Pro Shark 80 is a well made sturdy machine that is loaded with features. It rivals machines that are twice the price. It is very simple to use and much easier to route the thread than our older Singer. Its downfalls include the tendancy for thread jams in the lower bobbin, and it is very loud.

Huntingtown, MD


Euro-Pro Shark 80 - Sewing Machine

3.8 6