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Euro-Pro Shark
Euro-Pro Shark 244685 Vacuum Vacuum

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Seldom Used, Wobbly Handle


We have a mix of hardwood floors and area rugs, and this little vacuum is not useful for either. It sounds like it's struggling when it's on, and it's kind of clunky to use. The handle is wobbly and feels like it is going to break in two any minute. It has habit of spitting out crumbs and debris that it picks up, which isn't very helpful. The flexibility of the handle is nice, especially for getting underneath furniture or moving around table legs, but it feels so unsteady I always think it's going to break. Emptying the contents is messy and hair gets wrapped around the roller easily. Really, with the charging and emptying and ineffectiveness of this thing I feel like my time is better spend just grabbing a broom and dustpan. The results are about the same and the broom is less to fool with. This vacuum is too expensive for how it's made and how well it works. Buy something else.




Don't think I'd spend money on this one again.


I bought this small vacuum to take care of pet hair in my upper level. I've never been happy with the way it worked, and sometimes wish I had taken it back to the store. It's not worth the money that I paid for it. Maneuverability It's easy to get into tight spaces, and the long handly makes it easy to use. Ease of Maintenance I'm not a big fan of the dirt catcher. I always feel like I need to vacuum after I empty it. It's quite messy. Suction Performance Hardly picks anything up, even the pet hair on our floors. On carpet I have to go over the area a lot to get it to pick the hair up. Versatility Works ok on wood or tile floors, but not well at all on carpet. I still have to lug my old vacuum up the stairs for the carpet. Design The handle is a great length, as I'm 6 feet tall. It's easy to use, too. Durability For the money, it's ok.


Marion, WI


nice smal vacuum


I purchased this to get up pet hair without having to lug out my big vacuum cleaner. This has certainly made cleaning easier. It charges pretty fast, and does a good job cleaning my tile floors (I do not use it on carpet). It pickes up pet hair and crumbs very good. The cleaning time on one charge is not very long, but if you are looking to use for a few minutes at a time, it works great!


Cypress, TX


Euro-Pro Shark 244685 Vacuum Vacuum

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