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Euro-Pro Dressmaker II Sewing Machine

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Can't sew to save its cute little life


I bought the Dressmaker II sewing machine because it was cheap, and mostly I just needed a sewing machine to hem things, sew two pieces of cloth together...things like that. Simple things. This machine cannot do those things. I've read of people having more success with it, but mine can't hem a thin piece of cotton without getting all wrapped up in itself. I literally have to stop every few stitches because the thread broke or tangled. I've adjusted the tension, which is kind of a joke because there's only one tension that it even works at. I'm threading it properly, and using the thread that's included. So...yeah. Piece of junk. It also is so tiny that you can't pass anything much wider than a sock under it. So forget trying to sew anything big. Or even small, really. Maybe you could do a baby's tshirt or something. On the plus side, it was really cheap and came with lots of thread (it's weak but it's colorful!), some threaders, a stitch-ripper (yay!), and lots of needles and pins and things. So at least I have all that, even if I don't have a functional sewing machine. Sigh.

Milwaukee, WI


Euro-Pro Dressmaker II Sewing Machine

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