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Euro-Pro Deep Fryer Stainless Steel

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The Euro-Pro F-1066 Is Handy For a Crowd


I received this as a gift one year.  Everyone knew I didn't fry often, but when I did I like to do a large amount.  My favorite meal being a fish fry.  And of course you can't forget the homefries and the fried zucchini.  The Euro-Pro didn't disappoint in the amount it could fry, although I only have a baby fryer to compare it to.  As with any deep fat frying, the counter should be cleared around it, or do as I like to do, go outside on the patio.  Anything frying in grease or oil is not a clean type undertaking.  But it's better than on the stove for clean up.  It does take a lot more oil than most people would realize.  Since I only like to use healthy type oils I was worried about the price.  I have used rice bran oil and coconut oils so far.  The food comes out exactly the way everyone likes, crispy and tasty.  Clean up is not too bad.  We let the oil cool and then pour it back into an old clean oil bottle using a coffee filter to clean it up.  The controls and instructions are clear and easy to follow.      I would recommend this product for anyone who likes to have some deep fried foods now and then.  I think it's a tad bit healthier than going out because you can control the type of oil and additives in your food.  We all get those fried food cravings now and then, so why not make it a family fun time.  

Oceanside, CA


Euro-Pro Deep Fryer Stainless Steel

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