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Euro-Pro Convection Toaster Oven

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Great Toaster Oven!


I've had this Euro-Pro Toaster Oven for 2 years and have no bad comments about it.It is very light and easy to use.I like that it warms things up fast and that it is so easy to clean. I like that this Euro-Pro Toaster Oven is very durable and easy to clean and use because I have used or hear of other's that burn the food and are not easy to clean.I like that it has different settings. I have never burnt any food with it so it work well. think this Euro-Pro Toaster Oven is a healthier option to use that using a microwave which really takes away nutrients from food.I like that it's safe for my eight year old daughter to use when she wants to quickly heat up a snack after school. I like that it has two racks and a plate to heat up other things that might spill.It doesn't make things around it hot or burn,so the heat just stays inside the oven and not outside,which can be dangerous with kids in the home of they happen to touch the outside of the toaster oven. The racks and plate are dishwasher safe and really easy to clean.


Draper, UT


Great Oven


I love this oven. Big performance but small enough to fit on the counter. Very easy to use and very easy to clean. I cook pies, bread, meat, fish, everything in it. Never burns and it always performs well. I also like the window where I can check on the food. Keeps me straight.


Duncan, OK


work great for oven and keeps the house cool in the summer heat


i bought this as a replacement as I like bake cakes in the summer and it doesn't heat up the house.  And i can roast meat, bake a casserole, fix a breakfast bread as the euro EURO PRO X does it all . this oven keeps food warm, as well as grilling, toast six slice of bread,  great for making garlic bread for supper, it bake, broil while being able to saving you time as well as being a great energy saver. This EURO PRO X HAS 2 racks as most toater oven onnly has one. You can set the hou timer and don't have to worry about burnt a cake, muffins, I make a German pancake set the oven on bake temperture and the 45 minutes and wait for the single to ring. and you can see how whatever your bakin or cooking is doing because of glass see though door. this one appliance i can't do without. as it does so much and takes up so little space you can go wrong if you get EURO PRO X CONVECTION OVEN it is well worth the money. it a better valve that some of the more costly units. I just love it


Truth Or Consequences, NM


My toaster oven is great


I bought my toaster oven after a friend told me all the things she does with hers.  She mention that she would actually cook some items in it.  After several conversation and how convenient it was, I decided to buy one for myself.  I didn't actually go out looking for one but did notice that one of the stores I shop at had one on sale. It was a Euro-Por toaster oven, a brand I wasn't familar with but the price was great. I purchased it.  In the morning while I take my shower, I put breakfast meat in it, set the timer and by the time I get out of the shower and get dressed, it is finished.  I also use my toaster oven to warm food. It works more like a conventional oven and keep food warmer longer than the microwave.  I have cooked chicken breast, steaks and other items in it.  It does not heat up the house like my conventional oven and seems to cook alot quicker.  I have truly enjoyed having a toaster oven.  


Cincinnati, OH


Great for the price!


Shooped around for a good Convection Oven/Toaster and found this at Lowes. Was an excellent choice, and the Stainless look matches our other appliances! Great value for the price! Have used it for toast, Bagels, roasts, small turkey, and for broiling and it does a great job! 


Avondale, AZ


Very versatile


I've had a Euro-Pro 1500 Watt Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking for a couple of years now and have found it to be one of the best investments in kitchen appliances I've made to date. First, I'll be honest, it does take up quite a bit of counter space, but I find I use the oven so often that it's been well worth it, I don't even have a microwave anymore. I've used the toaster oven to toast bread, bake pizza's, make muffins/cupcakes, roast chicken, bake brownies, and make small portions of items that normally would need to go into the oven, but no longer have to. The oven is designed with a concave back so that a rounded pizza can be comfortably placed upon the cooking rack. It comes with a rotisserie for making chickens. The included rack and tray are very durable, I've used then a lot over the last couple of years and both still are in good condition. It is easy to clean out the interior and because of the smaller size, cuts down on a lot of the electritcity that I use because the oven only has to heat the small inside instead of taking many minutes to heat the larger oven, and maintains that temperature easier than a larger oven does. It also doesn't heat the kitchen as much as a normal oven making it great for summer times.


Virginia Beach, VA


Love our toaster oven


We have owned this for a couple of years and I LOVE it!  I BARELY use our oven because I do all of our cooking in the toaster oven!  It is very large and can fit a whole chicken, muffin pans, my corningware casserole dish, and much more.  It is very tall and deep.  The only thing I have had trouble with it the clock on it.  It is always very far ahead.  I have to change it a couple times a week.  Other than that we really love it.


Saint Petersburg, FL


Euro-Pro Convection Toaster Oven

4.4 7