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Euro-Pro 6-Slice Toaster Oven

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Great Product For Easy Baking and Broiling


Though, I seem to be in the minority, I love this toaster oven. It is small, very light, compact and modern looking. I have baked pre-made and homemade cookies that come out great every time. I have broiled steak, chicken and turkey with no problem. The only challenge I experienced with this oven is baking cakes and brownies. They usually come out fine, but I have lost a few. The trick to getting the most out of this oven is learning to adjust the temperature instead of just following instructions or recipes. Accept its limitations and be creative. You'll get alot out of this product. I would definitely buy this again.



Great little toaster


We've had this a couple years and have had no issues. Works like a charm. We use it for toast, biscuits, grilled cheese, heated sandwiches, and many more items! I love that it bakes, broils, toasts, and has so many options. Love the ease of use and how it's easy to clean!

College Grove, TN


Good for the price


You get what you pay for with this toaster oven.  I agree with most of the above reviews-I've definitely thought I had baked something just to realize it still ticks when you set the time regardless of whether or not the toaster is plugged in.  I mainly use this as a replacement for my oven when I want to toast something small-I love that I don't have to overheat my entire kitchen!  Overall, this is an average toaster that works great for basic jobs.  I think it is a great value for the price. 

Royal Oak, MI


Do not buy this Euro-Pro which is a piece of junk & dangerous.


**Do not buy this Euro-Pro**.  After a short time you will just want to throw it away.  The broiler setting never gets over 220 degrees.  When cold the tray works sliding in & out, but once it is hot it gets stuck in the oven.  If you try to pull it out you can burn yourself as the entire outside of the oven is very hot.  I do not remember other ovens being so hot. The only good thing is it is solid black (T0140L) & automatically turns off when the time is up -- a good feature.

Beaufort, SC


Euro-Pro Toaster Oven is no more than average


The Euro-Pro oven is just an average toaster oven.  It looks very nice and modern.  It is very inexpensive but lacks quality in some areas.  The best feature to this toaster oven is the great deal of room in the oven.  It makes it very easy to takes items in and out without the risk of burning your hands.  It is very usefull in cooking small items for a couple or individual.  It heats up very quickly and saves a great deal of time rather than waiting for a large oven to heat up.  The biggest drawback of the toaster oven is that it smokes the first couple times you use it.  This makes it a little scary to use at first but it does go away after a couple of times.  It is a part of the oven itself and does warn you about it in the manual.  The toaster oven also seems to toast bread on the top much quicker than the bottom, which makes you have to flip the bread to toast evenly.  The Euro-Pro oven is an average toaster oven with average features. 

Abington, MA


Euro-Pro 6-Slice Toaster Oven

3.2 5