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Euro-Pro 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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Greatest Toaster Oven


I have used this toaster oven for two years and it works the best. I toast bread every morning and results turn out good each time.The size of the oven is large enough bake a personal pizza which comes in handy when you need to bake. I even baked cookies and muffins with this oven and it has enough watts to cook them well. I have not encounter any problem with this toaster from the day I bought it. For value and for great baking, this toaster oven will meet basic expectations. The toaster oven comes with a rack and a tray for a variety of cooking. After baking and cooking each time, I use warm water and a little soap to clean the oven, the oven is durable and can sustain many rounds of cooking. I would recommended this toaster oven to any one looking for an easy to use and easy to clean toaster oven.

San Mateo, CA


So much more than I was expecting!


I got this toaster oven as a present during my freshman year of college. When I received it, I knew it was nice...but I had no idea how essential a toaster oven would become to my lifestyle and cooking skills. I use this thing practically every day. It was a life saver when I was required to live in a residence hall that had only one oven for 300 students; with all the settings (from toast to bake to broil), it IS essentially a mini-oven! Of course, it really is better than an actual oven from an environmental point of view because it takes less energy to heat up than a traditional oven. On top of all that, it is an extremely attractive piece of equipment; sturdy, stainless steel, and well-attached handles. My only annoyance would be how bulky it is sometimes (mainly when I'm moving it out of the residence hall for the summer); otherwise, I'm glad to have the interior space. The price is well worth the piece!

Pensacola, FL


Euro-Pro is an appliance that allows cooking without the heat!


The Euro-Pro Toaster Oven is an appliance that allows cooking without the heat! I have had this Toaster Oven for several years and love it when I use it. We have a large family and it isn't often that this meets our needs but when I want to make a small batch of corn bread or brownies it has cooked great. I Like the timer that allows the cooking to stop with a beep when the time is up. The outside still looks good and has washed off well. The tray inside is not real deep but it has been sufficient for the size of the batches that I have made. I haven't used it for a toaster because I have another toaster but it would toast well also. The Euro-Pro Toaster Oven has been a good addition to my kitchen. It looks good and has been just the right appliance to use at times when we were cooking a smaller amount. A larger tray would be great to make sure that I could cook a little larger quanities. Overall, this Euro-Pro Toaster Oven is a great deal!!

Goose Creek, SC


Boasting about my Toasting


Euro-Pro has been an awesome oven for our busy family.  We've had traditional toaster ovens, however, the limited shelf space or the lack of cooking options have always provided adequate service.  This unit has surpassed all the others.  The tray is extremely large - enough for 6 pieces of bread or a medium size pizza!  The domed back accommodates a round tray for pizza or anything else you want to cook on it. The unit has plenty of settings which are terrific in cooking just about anything.  The separate of toast and bagel settings is great, and the ability when cooking foods (other than toast) to have the convection fan running assists with cooking meals more evenly and a bit quicker. In our house, living in FL, I don't always want to heat up the entire house by turning on the oven for smaller items - we use the Euro-Pro more often than the oven, maybe even more than the microwave too!

Bradenton, FL


Euro Pro is the best


I have owned this Euro Pro toaster oven for about 2 years now.  I love that it is a convection oven.  It is a large size.  That makes it more versatile.  A ten inch pie pan fits very well into the oven.  You can bake, broil, toast , grill and keep warm with this oven.  It also has a built in timer.  It is easy to clean and the crumb pan in the bottom is easy to remove and catches any spills.  Clean the crumb pan often.  Anything left in the crumb pan will burn and smoke at higher temperatures.  Remember that this is a convection oven, which means that there is a constant flow of warm air circulating in the oven.  Watch meats and breads closely so they wont dry out.  I would recommend this product to others.  It is much better to reheat some items in this toaster oven as opposed to a microwave.  The Euro Pro wont leave pizza soggy.  The crust gets nice and crisp when baked or reheated.  I use my Euro Pro on a daily basis.

Parkersburg, WV


euro toaster


ive had this toaster for over 6 years. never had no complaints about it. it has lasted me longer than any other toaster oven i hve bought. i put the timer on a it is done to profection. i would recommed this to anyone

Clairton, PA


Euro Pro Toaster Oven not worth the money


When my husband and I had got engaged I had never used a toaster oven. My husband on the other hand, had always grown up using one in his home. He really wanted one so we did some shopping around and found this one and it seemed to be of descent quality so when it went on sale we purchased it and brought it home. My husband was so excited to use it as he had not had one for a few years. It only took one use for me to be disatisfied. It took forever to toast just plain toast, at least three times longer than a traditional toaster.I was very disappointed. My husband swore the ones he had used in the past were not like this. It did do okay to warm things. I would make pizza bagels and it did well enough to melt the cheese. However, it did not toast the bagel only warmed it. We dealt with it for awhile and then we both agreed it was time to buy a toaster. This oven left such a bad taste in my mouth I wasn't willing to even try another one and I have not since then. If you are considering purchasing this I would recommend you don't. Look for another brand unless all you want for your money is disappointment.

Apollo, PA


Euro-Pro 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

4.0 7