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Euro-Pro 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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Euro-pro convection oven is alright.


**General:** This toaster oven is black and chrome, and has a very classy look to it.  It comes with 2 movable racks (see cons), and has 3 adjustment knobs - temperature, cooking method, and timer.  This particular model is 120V and 1500 W of power.  You can bake, broil, toast, warm, and rotisserie with this oven.  I got this as a wedding gift so I do not know how much it costs. **Pros: **It is a great electricity saver, very green!  It is only my husband and I; so, it is really nice to not have to heat up the entire apartment by using the regular oven.  I highly recommend getting a convection oven if you are a small family and/or live in an apartment.  It is very multifunctional.  You can bake cookies, reheat pizza, or put a chicken on the rotisserie.  There is also the option to set the oven to "stay on" mode; or, you can set the oven to turn off at a certain time.  It says that it takes about 15 minutes to preheat; however, I usually just stick the food in after about 5 minutes and it does alright. **Cons:** The oven is a little on the bulky side.  It will take up a good amount of room on the countertop, especially in an already small apartment sized kitchen, but we were able to make it fit well in ours.  However, the smaller the over, the smaller the pans are that will fit inside of it.  With this particular model, we bought extra small baking sheets that hold 3 pieces of chicken, and 2 of those will fit in the oven at once.  My biggest complaint about this oven is the placement of the racks.  The middle rack puts things too close to the top burner, but the lower rack puts them too close to the bottom burner.  I have found what works best is to cook the food for half the time on the lower rack and then put it on the top rack for the other half of the time to cook the top.  Overall, it just doesn't seem to cook completely evenly. **Overall:** I love the idea of a convection oven and will probably always have one in the house because of how much electricity it saves.  And, if you use the half-and-half cooking method, it works great.  You just have to be really careful with this one because I have burned lots of stuff.  I would recommend getting a similar size, but probably a different model if you are a 2-person family. 


Midland, TX


Euro-Pro 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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