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Euro-Pro 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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Good compact size toaster oven


This is a great oven for garlic toast & small stuff. Haven't really tried much more than small stuff. I got this second hand, so I don't have the owners manual. One thing that is bugging me, how do you set the clock on this thing? If anyone can help, it would be great!!



The Euro ProX Convection can keep up with the "big bro" ovens!!!


This little Euro Pro oven absolutely impressed me with it's performance!!!  It has more than paid for itself in the energy it has saved and the counterspace used.  I would and have recommended this outstanding oven to anyone, especially those concerned with their own carbon footprint and saving money!!!

Saint Marys, GA


Scrumptious cookies and pizza cooked in our Euro-Pro oven!


The Euro-Pro digital convection oven has eight settings; convection broil, broil, convection bake, bake, toast, dehydrate, defrost, and cook pause (which I have never figured out how to use, along with the timer - and the owner's manual is no help for either of these issues). I am able to cook up to a twelve inch pizza in the oven, and I prefer it baked in the Euro-Pro versus our regular oven, and it only bakes up to 450 degrees. You can only change the temperature in ten degree increments which is frustrating, and I have found that setting the temperature five degrees hotter seems to cook better than having it five degrees cooler than what a package or recipe calls for.  It came with one bake rack, one set of tongs for tray removal (I have lost these and a hot mitt works fine), one crumb tray, and one baking pan. The door does get very hot and I have burned myself on it a number of times, never very badly. I usually place aluminum foil on the baking tray, and for many things use a vegetable spray so nothing sticks as it cooks. It is great for making small batches of cookies, however I always have to set the timer on the regular stovetop or microwave since I am unable to figure out how to work the one on the Euro-Pro.

Woodstock, GA


this euro pro works for my family of five


I bought this as a temp fix until I get another oven or a gas line for my kitchen. It bakes ok just if you want a two layer cake you will have to bake them seperate since it doesnt bake evenly at the same time even with them providing two shelves and a tray for it. I havent used the rotisserie part yet but am planning on it. This oven does what it adverises. The one problem I have it trying to buy more pans to fit in there. 

Cleveland, OH


Euro-Pro 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

4.0 4