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Euro-Pro 1.5 L Deep Fryer

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Not a good fryer.


I purchased this in 2009, and used for twice during the day before I decided to return this product. This is because the item actually stopped working on me. It turned on properly during the first time but the second time I was unable to power the device. The electric cord was plugged in correctly, I've tried using different sockets around the house. Everything appeared to be fine, but the device did not power up. I'm not too sure why it was like this, customer service was unresponsive. It was unable to turn it on after working during the first time. Because of the power issues, I'm unable to give a fair review, and my review is based on the fact that the quality control seems to be quite terrible and there was no reasonable explanation for this. The heating element must have been defective, which is probably why you can't find this product n the market again. Glad I've returned this junk



A liitle small but frys well


This is a nice little fryer but it ended up being a little too small for my needs. I purchased it because it has a removeable oil well that can be washed separately. Overall, it is very easy to clean because it all comes apart into manageable pieces that can be cleaned separately. It has four different heat settings which makes it easier than trying to predict oil temperature on your stove top, plus it has a charcoal filtered cover which keeps some of the smell out of your kitchen. It also has a timer function, however there is no "beep" when the timer turns off so you just have to keep an eye on the timer. I have a family of four and I found that this was really too small for our needs. I ended up having to fry items in multiple batches to serve anything for my family. The items do fry up nice a crisp and I like that the fry basket has a hook that you can use to sit it on the edge of the oil well and let your items drain for a minute before turning it out on your dish. We don't fry food often so I've kept this but if I needed a fryer more often, I'd be getting a larger one.

Greenwood, IN


Euro-Pro small fryer is good for two or three people


The 1.5 Litre Euro-Pro Deep fryer is good for two or three people. It doesn't use a lot of oil and is perfect for a small amount. When the food comes out of the fryer, it is not as greasy as frying in an open skillet. I don't eat a lot of fried foods but when the craving comes over me, I take out the little Euro-Pro deep fryer. It is quick and an easy clean up for me. It is inexpensive and good for the price. Buying something more expensive  would be a waste of money since it is only used a little. I cook chicken nuggets, fish nuggets and other vegetables in the fryer and I don't have the splatter all over the cabinets since it has a lid that closes. It is easy storage under the cabinet. The cord is magnetic and attaches easily. It doesn't leave my kitchen smelling like fried foods which is a plus to me. The strainer baskets makes it easy to put food in and take it out of the fryer. It rest on the side to drain the oil before putting it on a plate. It is a good buy for the money.

Mobile, AL


Euro-Pro 1.5 L Deep Fryer

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