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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum

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dont buy the eureka whirl wind lite vacuum


the eureka whirl wind lite vacuum is not worth buying it works good in the begging then it goes down hill from there first thing that isnt good the hose you pull it out of the hole to hook on the attachments thats fine but the hose doesnt want to stay in the hole after awhile so you are vacuuming then look and the hose had come out of the hole . the lever or button you push to release the dirt container will break so the container to catch the dirt doesnt seal you have to cram the broken piece in to make the container stay on then when you have it on the bare floor setting it blows the dirt away or splits it out from the back so you have to vacuum 2or 3 times to try to get it all . then the screws to hold the top cover to the bottom breaks so you have to put a screw in that is bigger then before. then the brush roller the gears on the ends or what ever you call them they wear out. all you have left is a vacuum that all you can use is the hose attachments dont but it

Paw Paw, MI


Not such a great deal.


When we moved to our new house, I needed to pick up a vacuum cleaner. I wanted one that was not cheap, but not overly expensive. I decided to get the Eureka Whirlwind, and now I wish I would have spent a little more. I would have probably gotten a better product. After using it a few times, it started making noises and smelling like the belt was burning. Our home only has a few carpeted rooms, but after the few times I used it, alot of junk was getting stuck in the hose, and its very hard to clean out. I dont think I would recommend this vacuum, unless you are only using it for 1 or 2 rooms, and not very often!

Winfield, IL


Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum

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