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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka UNO Bagless Vacuum

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The Uno is an "OK" Vacuum...


I had received this vacuum as a Christmas present the year before my Husband and I got married. We had put it away to be used in our new place, so we hadn't used it until we were actually married. Anyway, this vacuum, at first, was amazing! I loved how you can see just how dirty your carpets really are just by how much it picks up after barely even moving it. I was amazed and shocked. After about 6 months of use, the belt broke and the filter became extremely clogged. I had spent hours trying to clean it out and figuring out what was wrong with it. I knew it couldnt have already gone out (which I know vacuums do wear...) because we hadn't had it for very long. So, after creating a huge mess and cleaning out every spot available, I finally got it back to working again. Now, after 4 years of marriage, we are still using this vacuum. I have to clean it out completely about every 2-3 months. It's very tedious, but it works wonders once it's clean.

Linden, MI


Eureka Uno is a waste of money. It broke already


This Eureka Uno vacuum has already had to have a belt change and the handle now is broken. I have to contact the mfr. today to see what they will do with the warranty. I haven't even been able to use it in a month. Paid good money for it to sit broken in the corner. Other observations: The bare floor setting on the height of the brushes catches on everything. I have wood floors, pine boards. The vacuum would catch on the screws, catch on uneven lips where the planks meet and make loud popping noises, like someone shot a BB gun. I was constantly afraid I'd break it that way. Carpet cleaning was okay. Pet hair cleaning on bare floors, not great. It blows dirt and dust out toward your feet. We had to go over spots on our wood floor several times to get it all. The hose doesn't detach all the way to get into tight spots. It has limited range of movement and pulls the whole thing down when you are doing corners of the floor. Big pain. Self cleaning duster never worked for me. It didn't pick up the dust, it brushed it off of the surface to resettle on the floor. You get what you pay for. This was affordable at the time I got it. Wouldn't recommend it unless you have a dorm or apartment, small space, carpet only.

Blairsville, GA


If you have an emergency. . .it will do


The Eureka Uno Bagless Uprght Vacuum is light, inexpensive, and easy to grip. It's great to buy in a pinch if your real vacuum needs to be replaced, but after a few months, it seems to work poorly. It is certainly not the worst product, and I do love the bagless feature, but I expected a little more performance for my money.

Charlotte, NC


Best Vacuum in my opinion


I believe it was abc warehouse I bought mine at and was looking for a nice vacuum that I could get a warranty with and I saw this one it was at a decent price ended up getting a two year warranty just in case. I have had this baby for 6 months now and still works like new no problems at all I love this vacuum and would recomend it to family.

Saint Louis, MO


Deep cleans and fluffs your carpet like brand new!


I am not a person to mess with something that is going to take too much of my time. That is why I am glad that the Eureka Uno was easy and quick to assemble. It has a strong pick up so I didn't have to repeatedly go over spots to make sure they were clean. I don't like cleaning because I generally find it difficult and time consuming, however, the Eureka Uno made it quick and easy. 5 stars for this product!

Spring, TX


Eureka UNO Bagless Vacuum

3.6 5