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Eureka True Clean Bagless Vacuum

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It's Alright


When I moved into my new house I bought this vacuum because my last place didn't have carpet and the new house did have carpet. So of course I didn't have a vacuum. It was pretty easy to assemble and instructions were very easy to read. It's not exactly the lightest vacuum. It's pretty bulky and wasn't very easy to put away. But it is a full size vacuum and it's not any bigger than any other full size vacuum. I just didn't expect that much weight after it was out of the box and assembled. And I did think at first that it was doing great. Visibly you can't see anything left behind And at first I was happy with it, until I got a dyson a few months later to upgrade and I decided to test both vacuums. I used this vacuum first and vacuumed the living room. Then I got my new vacuum and went back over what I had just vacuumed. I found out this vacuum left a lot behind. This vacuum was only a few months old and I took really good care of it and kept it very clean. I was disappointed in the head to head test. I really expected more. But for the price of this vacuum it does what you need it to. It just doesn't do a deep clean, which I found disturbing.



9 Years and running...


We have had this vacuum cleaner for 9 years now and have only had to replace the belt once. It is definitely a durable vacuum! I have always been satisfied with how well it picks up and cleans. Maneuverability Because it is heavy and the bottom is wide, it doesn't turn on a dime but it isn't incredibly difficult to maneuver. If you own stairs (which we did in our first apartment), then you probably don't want this vacuum. It's hard to maneuver on stairs. Ease of Maintenance We have only had to replace the belt once. Nothing else has ever broken. Suction Performance The suction is great...EXCEPT, when the attachment hose comes loose. It seems that the suction hose has a way of finding its way loose on occasion which can be a little frustrating. Durability We've had this vacuum for 9 years and it's holding up great!

Tallahassee, FL


Don't waste your money!!


The Eureka True Clean is the worst vacuum I have ever owned. The pet hair wand stops spinning every time it touches a surface, therefore it does not pick up the pet hair. This was the main reason I bought this vacuum. The wand with rubber bristles removes hair better than the pet hair remover. The duster wand is on my closet floor because it keeps falling out of its holder. The cord does not stay wound around the posts so I am continually picking it up. The bagless system is incredibly messy. Every time I empty the canister, I have to pull out the filter to remove all of the hair that is trapped around it or the vacuum will start to get overheated. I have to empty the canister outside or dust flies all over the house and floor, so I have to revacuum. I bought this HEPA filter vacuum due to my daughters dust allergies, but it makes them worse.

Beaver, PA


decent for the price


This vacuum cleaner is good for small area's and worked great in my apartment with low traffic area's.  Things do get stuck easily. If you have pets the hair does clog up the wheels fairly easily. Easy to clean out and no bag is very wonderful. The belt's do break fairly easy and they are very easy to replace.

San Antonio, TX


Eureka True Clean makes this vacuum junkie a VERY Happy Girl!!


Today I used the very coolest and best vacuum I have ever had the pleasure of using! My Daughter-In-Law's mom brought the Eureka Trueclean over to borrow because ours broke. Having used countless vacuums in my life (I vacuum usually 2x a day!) I just had to jump on Viewpoint and tell you all what I thought! =) Tugging the vacuum to my room today, feeling thankful that I finally get to clean my room... I did not think much. Afterall, most will do the same job... pick up dirt and the little peices of trash we are sometimes too lazy to bend over and pick up ourselves! (Isn't that what vacuums are for?) Unwrapping the cord, I note a side tube I have never seen on any other vacuum and it intrigued me... A telescopic duster wand!! WOW!!! Now.. most of us have dirty little corners way too high to reach ... dont want to knock off the popcorn ceiling junk with a bristle broom... but know in the bottom of our heart these areas MUST be cleaned too! Ceiling Fans too... nasty job, but someone's gotta do it! WELL... This little duster is amazing... you dust a little, stick it back in the tube, and watch all the cobwebs and ick get vacuumed right off the wand!! Truly amazing!! The power of the Eureka True Clean is superior to others I have used in the past. It is lightweight, manuevers easily, it covers a good wide area in each pass and got extreemly close to all the little debris that likes to hide really close to the baseboards!! All without me ever bending and twisting or pulling out extra support from the hose attachments!! I haven't liked vacuuming this much in a long time!! LOL I think I will keep her vacuum... she probably doesn't appreciate it's features anyways!! hee hee! GO BUY THIS!! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!! Oh.. PS... The cleanup is super easy too.. lots of easy to get to filters and not many "hepa's" ... just some easy to wash and dry filters and a dump bucket!!  

Lubbock, TX


A great vacuum -- unless you actually WANT to vacuum


Having owned a Eureka vacuum in the past, I had high hopes for this True Clean model when I bought it, but it was horrible. We don't have deep carpet, but it barely picked anything up, and when it did, the canister filled quickly and the hose clogged. I had to sit on the floor with the unplugged vacuum and a butter knife, scraping dust, pet dander and other particles out of the hose more than once, which is ridiculous. If the canister and filter were perfectly clean, it did pick stuff up, but how often does that happen?! It's a vacuum -- it's always going to have some residue lurking around, and it can't handle even the smallest amount. In addition, the belt broke quickly and I had to go buy another one since it didn't come with a spare. In short, this vacuum was a huge disaster and I finally just threw it away rather than try to exchange it. Because of this True Clean, I am now a Bissel customer.

Lakewood, WA


Eureka True Clean Bagless Vacuum

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