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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka SuperLite Bagless Vacuum

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Eureka Boss Mini does an excellent job on carpet


I'd just like to say that I've only used this vacuum on carpet and this review can only comment on it's merits in that regard. There is a setting to run this vacuum without the spinning bristles for hardwood floors but I haven't used this feature. I really like this vacuum! Previously I have used vacuums with a main body, long hose, and a wand which is run over the floor. This style of vacuum is versatile in that it can be used with other attachments to vacuum corners or reach the ceiling with a wand attachment. For cleaning the floor however it is a realy pain to drag it around. I have also used larger size vacuums which are a single unit. These units are more powerful but also much heavier. Many times these units also have bags which must be thrown out and replaced. This Boss Mini vacuum surpasses both these styles for cleaning the carpet in my home. The vacuum is light and easy to maneuver. And it doesn't require any expensive bags to replace. The only downside I see to this design is that emptying the cartridge must be done outside into the garbage as the opening and removal of the contents can spread dust if it is done in the home. Otherwise a great product!

Philadelphia, PA


Eureka 442B bagless Upright Vacuum suctions well


I bought the Eureka 442B bagless vacuum because I needed a vacuum for the sunroom (the rest of my house is hardwood floors). I was at a reasonable price and I did not need anything fancy for just one room. The Eurekda has great suction and is lightweight and easy to push around the sunroom. the motor is not as loud as some of the other vacuums I looked at which is nice. I like that it doesn't require bags and all you have to do is empty the cup on it. It has a filter on it that is inside the cup. All you have to do is dump the cup into the trash can and I take my filter outside and hit it against the deck to get all the dust and dirt out of it. I have also washed the filter when it get dirty. I just take it to the sink and wet it down with water then ad some dish detergent and rub it into the filter. Then I rinse it and either I sit it outside to dry or I put it in the dryer. So far it hasn't hurt the filter and I wash it once a week.

Wilmington, NC


Eureka SuperLite Bagless Vacuum

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