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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka SuctionSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Powerful & simple to use.


The Eureka Suction Seal Bagless does a great job on hardwood floors and carpet. The only problem we've had is when using the air hose it, the hose does not extend far enough out and then the vacuum keeps falling over. It's annoying but thankfully we don use this part all that often. Maneuverability It glides over the floor and carpet. Does not feel very heavy which makes it easy to maneuver. Ease of Maintenance The filter is easy to locate and clean or replace when needed. It is very easy to take out the waste receptacle and unlatch. Suction Performance Works very well. Picks up everything the first time around. Versatility The only problem I have is with the air hose. The vacuum is so light that when you pull out the hose attachment and vacuum from behind the unit the vacuum will tilt over about 2-3 ft from the unit. Design Looks nice and feels very comfortable in your hands and while your vacuuming. Durability So far it's holding up well. I have four dogs, two cats & two children; therefore we use this unit daily.



Good for the price, gets the job done


I bought this vacuum to replace a broken cheapo vacuum. I would have loved to purchase a Dyson, but financially it just wasn't possible. I did a lot of searching when I saw the promises this vacuum made, I figured it was worth a shot. We have had it for about a year and a half now, and I am still happy with it's performance. It does a really good job on carpets, does ok on the linoleum. You have to raise the brush height to vacuum up bigger crumbs like pieces of cereal or whole cheerios, but it will get them. It is a little heavy to lug around, so living in a one floor home it wasn't a big deal, but if we had a two floor home I probably would have passed this one by. It does a pretty good job on furniture with the upholestry attachment, but the brush tends to clog and caught up easily. I wish the attachment stayed on better, it is only held on with a little magnet. The auto cord rewind feature is really nice, saves me a lot of time. Maneuverability Little heavy, so it can be difficult in tight spaces Ease of Maintenance Just rinse the filter, and make sure you empty it often, runs like brand new every time. Suction Performance Still works as well as the day I bought it Versatility Great on carpets, good on hard floors but not perfect Design A little bit heavy and large so not that easy to store Durability Takes a beating when it gets knocked over by the kids but nothing has broken

Kittery Point, ME


Better than good, but not great.


We bought this to keep on main floor living area. It has 3 areas of ceramic tile and the rest is carpet. I was really looking for something that was as good as a Dyson, but withouth the price tag. The label saying that it cleaned carpets better than a Dyson, sucked me into purchasing. I was also wanting something that would do carpets but would also get the hard floor. While it does great overall-it picks up every thing my son drops on the carpet, but sometimes does take a couple pass overs. One of the main things I don't like is the stair and upholstery attachment. It is held on by a magnet and a small "ledge" type piece that sticks into the back of the attachment. However it only sticks if you remember to roll down the brush cover. I have no idea what the point of the brush cover is, because it's not exposed when it's put in it's place on the vaccumm. But it's a pain. Even when it's attached correctly, it gets knocked off so easily, I hardly even want to keep it on. I like the fact that it has a self winding cord. It's so easy, even my son can do it. However sometimes it leaves about a 6 inches to a foot of cord still hanging out and then it just stops. I have to pull out more cord then wind again. Not sure why it does this. I also it had a little crevice tool so I can get into the trim and corners better. I do like being able to flip between bare floor and carpet. We have a thicker burber style carpet and it does better when it's on high carpet for it. Suction is definitely better on the carpet than floor. Overall would recommend. Maneuverability For the most part good. Sometimes you don't have to push the button to release the vaccuum back and it just falls on it's own. But other than that it gets pretty much everywhere I need. Suction Performance Not excellent on hard floors like I hoped. We have ceramic tile. Might work better on wood or laminate. Design Could improve the upholstery brush holder and add a crevice tool.

Warrensburg, MO


Eureka SuctionSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum

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