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Eureka Smartvac 5191 Vacuum

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This vacuum cleaner truly never looses suction.


This vacuum is versitile and and it never looses suction which means you never have to stop and empty the dust bin while cleaning. The thing that makes this vacuum so much different from many other vacuums is the cyclonic seperater system which keeps the dust and debris you vacuum up from reaching and clogging the filter, which also makes the filters in the vacuum last longer before you must replace them. Maneuverability This vacuum is not a very light vacuum cleaner which mak it harder to move from place to place, this means that there is more back breaking work involved in using this vacuum then what you want to do. Ease of Maintenance The maintenance on this vacuum is as easy as any other because this vacuum runs by a cyclonic seperater system you have no bags or filters to replace and the only maintanence needed is empty the dust bin after every use. Suction Performance There is definitely no doubt that this vacuum has better suction than many other upright vacuums out on the market today. Versatility The combo dusting brush and upholstery tool make this vacuum more versitile than many other vacuums, because you can go right from cleaning your couch or stairs to dusting any surface in your house in just seconds. This vacuum also comes with an extention wand and a crevice tool to make cleaning up high or down low a breeze, the crevice tool is perfect for getting into any tight spaces.



Eureka Smartvac 5191 Vacuum

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