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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Eureka Sanitaire Bagged Vacuum

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Sanitaire vacuum is dependable,deep-cleaning,sturdy, lightweight


I love my Sanitaire. It is made by Panasonic, so the quality lives up to the familiarity of the brand. This vacuum is professional grade, so it is sturdy, yet it is lightweight and easy to move around. It has a 30 foot cord which is very handy when vacuuming large rooms, or several rooms, which allows the movement from room to room without having to stop to unplug. There is an on/off switch that is accessible on the handle, as well a two -speed control button. There is also a foot lever that adjusts the vacuum so it can reach underneath furniture or beds, etc. And there is a headlight, too. The belt is a little difficult to change, but the product is definitely worth this slight inconvenience. I have had my Sanitaire for over fifteen years and it still vacuums like new.

Clementon, NJ


Sanitaire is a Great Workhorse of a Vacuum


I purchased this Sanitaire vacuum 4 years ago and use it exclusively for cleaning our home. I have not had a single service issue with this vacuum cleaner. Close to the front of the vacuum is a dial that allows you to adjust your vacuum to the type of carpet you are vacuuming. This is great, because you can tell exactly when you are getting the best cleaning and suction, while being able to move the vacuum smoothly. I really like the ease of changing the bags. The cord is long which allows me to vacuum at least 3 rooms in our smaller house without changing electrical outlets. The vacuum is small enough to allow you to easily get in many areas and has a nice light on the front which is helpful in corners. The main downside is that the vacuum does not have any hose attachments. I purchased a separate Sanitare canister vacuum for this. I highly recommend this upright vacuum for keeping floors and carpets clean.

Grand Rapids, MI


Sanitaire is a great vacuum for home and business


I have had a few of these vacuums as well as other brands throughout the years, and this is the one that is the best. I have the same one that I got 12 years ago when I started my house cleaning business. I have had it serviced, and have had to replace the bag, motor and a few odds and ends, but still know it is great deal. I have spent far less than if I had purchased a Dyson one time. I use this vacuum in cleaning houses, and it does a great job. I can find the bags easily, as well as the belts. I like the long cord, as I can clean large rooms without having to switch outlets. The price new is about the same as a Dyson, but will last far longer, and can be serviced by any local vacuum shop. You can change the belt, and do many easy repairs yourself, unlike the pricey Dyson. I also like the sturdy feel of this vacuum. It can handle big messes, and even big pieces if they are inadvertently left out. I highly recommend this vacuum for home and business.

Mesa, AZ


The Sanitaire commercial vacuum may be the last vacuum you buy.


Well, you may end up buying another so you don't have to lug one upstairs all the time. My Sanitaire can handle almost anything I give it. I really had no idea that the Sanitaire was such a good machine until I bought bags from my neighborhood vacuum shop. The owner of the shop told me I had a pretty good machine and that it would last for years. And it did, in spite of the fact that I inherited it secondhand and old. When it was finally time for another,-and we're talking at least 15 years- I was thrilled to be able to find another, this one a commercial duty model. I have learned how to change the belt, clean out the roller, and put new bags in. If you can master these few simple maintenance steps, you will have a vacuum that will last for years. One of the things I like about the Sanitaire vacuum is that it is made of metal and feels a little heavier than some. Nothing has ever broken off of it, unlike lots of plastic models with parts sticking out everywhere, or moving parts or latches. The Sanitaire is simply a streamlined, basic machine that keeps on doing what it is supposed to do. Although it will not pick up rocks or screws, it cleans all my floors, including wood. Just adjust the height control lower for rugs or wood, and back up again for pile carpet. My kids will probably be using this one after I'm gone, which is fine with me. By then, I won't want to vacuum anymore.

Candler, NC


Eureka Sanitaire Bagged Vacuum

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