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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Eureka Sanitaire Bagged Vacuum

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Simple but does the job


First of all, I have no carpet. Only hardwood floors with random rugs here and there. I use the vacuum to clean the excess dust and debris, then follow that with the swiffer. With that said, the vacuum does an excellent job picking up dust and small objects. I didn't see a need for a fancier, more expensive model with my type of usage. When I do vacuum the rugs, it also does an excellent job leaving it free of any foreign objects, while not damaging the fabric. Bag is simple to change. As for weight, the unit is fairly light but still durable. Nine different settings but unfortunately I can't comment on them as I only use one. Not excessively loud. Sounds like any other vacuum i've ever used. All in all, simple, basic unit that does it's job well.

Claremont, CA


Eureka Sanitaire Bagged Vacuum

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