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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Eureka Power Plus Bagged Vacuum

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This vacuum really is the boss


My husband and I have had this vacuum for well over 7 years, right before we got married and it really has been just reliable.We primarily bought this because of the price, we were on a budget and needed something right away. Up until now it has been the only vacuum we use.It vacuums up pretty much any mess, its not industrial sized nor quality but it is reliable and lightweight enough for my 6 year old to use with some help. Maneuverability My 6 year old can push this around, so its pretty easy to maneuver Ease of Maintenance The only real downfall to this vacuum is finding the filter in everyday stores.When it was time to replace it, it was hard to find it even in the store I purchased it, I ended up shopping online for a filter.Its very easy to clean as there are no bags . Suction Performance It sucks up everything, including things in my couch, the only downside it when used on tiled floors its not the best Versatility It is very versatile, it comes with a hose and two separate nozzles that help when you neeed to get to hard to reach places Design it's not fancy or stylish but it is well made and easy to take apart and put together, its a bright green and white with grey hose and cord and they are easy to clean and wipe down if it gets dirty Durability Excellent in this department as I have had it for well over 7 years now.Ive replaced the filter and strap but everything else is in pretty good condition.



Works well for the price


This is a pretty inexpensive vacuum compared to many others out there you can get. It does the job. I like that it's bagless and I can see all the dirt and dust I'm sucking up. I also like that the filter is washable so you don't have to buy new filters. I do find that it gets clogged more easily than some others so I have to clean it out after everytime I use it, but it works well for the price we paid for it. When we first moved into our apartment, we bought the vacuum and vacummed the apartment. It picked up so much dust and gross stuff, it looked like the people before us never vacuumed! I like that it comes with the different tools, for corner vacuuming, and a little brush. It's worked really well for us.

Memphis, TN


Nice to have a round.


Originally my mom bought one and I thought she was crazy, but in the end I loved it and bought me one as well. It's very light weight and small for a stand up vacuum so it's easy to move (which is really nice if you have stairs! One of the main reasons my mother bought it). It cleans very well and comes with a canister so you don't have to buy any bags (it's easy to take out and put back in). It has a hose (normal length) and two different attachments. One is where it just extands the hose for those higher up or hard to reach places and the other one is the one with brissles. Like most vacuums it's loud (in fact I've heard heard of a quiet one).The cord is regular length. It was very easy to assemble together (it comes with directions) I'm very happy with the vacuum and the price was very nice too! It doesn't do anything fancy, but if all you need is something to vacuum the floor and couch this will be perfect.

Clyde, OH


I love the Eureka Power Plus 12 amp Vacuum, it is so easy to use


I love for my floors to be clean!  When my husband and me went to buy a new vacuum we were try to get the best for our buck, and this little vacuum was the right price, but i wasn't to sure about it.  When we got it put together and I used it for the first time I was suprized at how wonderful it worked!  I love this vacuum and I have already recommended it to one of my friends.

David City, NE


Eureka Power Plus Bagged Vacuum

4.5 4