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Eureka Pet Pal Bagless Vacuum


The Pet Pal Bagless upright is ideal for cleaning up after pets. This full-size upright is light weight has 12-amps of power. Attack pet hair throughout the home with the Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster, Pet Power Paw and Pet Upholstery Brush. The no-tip design, flip bottom dust cup, multiple height adjustment and an extra long wand with crevice tool for above floor cleaning make this the purrfect cleaner for homes with pets. With the Pet Pal Bagless from Eureka you will love your pets, not the hair they leave behind!

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Noisest Vacuum I have ever Owned!


This has got to be the nosiest vacuum I have ever owned. Have you ever sat at a airport and heard the airplanes taking off> The loud screechy ear piercing sound? It could have just been the janitor at the airport vacuuming with this vacuum. Maneuverability It maneuvers well, making going back and forth, and under things pretty easy. Ease of Maintenance One of the main reasons I purchased this vacuum was that I really liked the fact that this vacuum was bagless. No more bags. Pretty easy to empty. Dog hair gets stuck in the canister a bit. Suction Performance It has pretty good suction. I have two dogs and one sheds a terribly all over everything. I couldn't believe the first time of use how much dog hair was actually in the carpet. Yuck! It cleans up dirt well. Suction doesn't work well at all when you use the on board tools for the sofas. Versatility The on board tools are good and come in handy when wanting to vacuum around the baseboards. Does not do well on carpets or chairs. Design I like the design. It vacuums around the house well. Durability So far so good. I am going to donate this vacuum though. Just because of the uselessness of the on board tools and the awful noise it makes.


Palm Springs, CA


Eureka Pet Pal Bagless Vacuum

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