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Eureka Lightspeed Upright Vacuum

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Wasn't my favorite


I have had Eurekas in the past, my parents owned one for literally decades, and I haven't had a problem with them. In fact, Eureka was my go to brand, so when my Roomba(a wedding present) battery died, and we needed a vacuum quick, we found this on sale and bought it. I was disappointed with it right away. The suction wasn't what I had come to expect from Eureka, and whenever I vacuumed, even on carpet, bits of debris from the carpet, and having a toddler there was plenty of "debris," would kick back at me. I just didn't feel like my carpet was getting clean and often had to go over the same spot several times. After owning it only a year, it literally started smoking and sparking. We just threw it out as it wasn't worth the money to fix it. I would not recommend this particular Eureka vacuum, but also don't want to count out the whole brand. But this model is definitely not worth getting. Maneuverability It was light and moved easily. Ease of Maintenance Only lasted a year. Suction Performance It spit the larger dirt and debris around. Versatility It's a normal upright with a couple attachments. Design Not too bulky. Durability Again, it only lasted a year.



Eureka Lightspeed Upright Vacuum

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