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Eureka Heavy Duty Commercial Bagged Vacuum

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A Proven Traditional Design


When it comes to cleaning carpets, this Eureka is hard to beat. The Vibra-Groomer II brush roll paired with the large direct-air fan provide for superb carpet cleaning. While it is advertised as a commercial vacuum, these are actually really nice for residential use. The bags are huge and take awhile to fill, and can prolong the life of carpet by easily and gently removing grit. Eureka has used this design for their residential models since the 1940s, but have cheapened the quality over time. This commercial Eureka uses high-quialty plastic and metal for provide for a more durability. This vacuum will last you a long time, both for commercial and residential use. Sadly, they do not include a hose or attachments. You can buy a adopter online, but the design is inefficient and provides pitiful hose suction by today's standards. But the airflow is excellent for cleaning carpets. Maneuverability The vacuum really seals onto the floor and it a tad heavy. It takes more effort to push than most modern vacuums, but nothing to worry about. Ease of Maintenance Requires no tools to access the belt, and the motor and fan can be replaced fairly easily. The bags are bottom-fill, which are not as easy to replace as top-fill. Once you get the idea, it is easy from then on out. Suction Performance Many people compare this Eureka to a Kirby in terms of performance. Versatility No tools are included, and the large bag and base make it hard, if not impossible, to clean under furniture. This is for open areas of carpet only. Durability Even in commercial use these vacuums last years. It could very well be the last vacuum you buy if used at home.



Best vacuum cleaner around


This vacuum might be ugly, but the Eureka commercial upright wasn't built to look trendy or pretty. After too many cracked plastic parts on other sweepers, I opted for this one which wasn't as expensive as an Oreck, but had surprisingly good reviews. I figured that there is a reason this seems to be the choice of most hotels! With lots of small children, a good vacuum is a must, and I have been very pleased with the suction and durability of this sweeper. I expect it to last for many years.

Springfield, KY


Not designed for commercial use, private use only


When I spend money I always like to buy items that will last. I expect to have a vacuum for at least 5 years. I went cheap this time because I was mislead by the term "commercial" written all over the unit. It's a simple "no frills" vacuum and I liked that. I don't care about "see through" dust canisters, colored lights, racing stripes, bubble shapes, etc... I just wanted something to suck the dirt out of my carpet. Well, if I puckered my lips and sucked on my carpet I would probably have more dirt in my mouth than what ends up in the vacuum. This really bothered my wife. I don't touch vacuums, I just buy them for my wife and she gives me no end of grief because this is the 3rd vacuum I've purchased that she hates. This vacuum has effected our peaceful home. The cord keeper on the side of the handle broke so she has to wind the 50 foot cord around her shoulder and lug it around. The height adjustment broke so it vacuums on the "bare floor" height at all times. This was all after 2 months of use. If I come home and she's pushing it I hear a huff, she flips her hair to the side of her face and exclaims "I hate this vacuum". Last night, as I was sitting on the couch having a beer, I watched my wife crawl around the living room on her hands and knees picking up leftover bits. I came to a conclusion. This vacuum, although a useless tool, incites interesting behaviour in our wives. I love the vacuum. Thank you Eureka. Maneuverability When it's plugged in it is very nimble. But once the cord keeper breaks you'll have to haul it around with the cord wrapped around your body. According to my wife the cord is a bit heavy. Ease of Maintenance According to my wife "That's not the issue". Suction Performance It's a good thing that my wife has fingernails that can dig deep into the carpet fibers. Versatility It's not versatile. It's just a vacuum. But I knew that when I bought it. Design It looks nice, all the parts are properly placed. I have no complaints here. Durability Absolutely horrible. Cheap. Probably made in China. Begins falling apart after a month.

Cypress, TX


Eureka Heavy Duty Commercial Bagged Vacuum

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