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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka Boss 4D Pet Fresh Bagless Vacuum

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It could do better.


I'm tolerating this vacuum until we can get a different one. I can get the job done, but its not performing up to my expectations. It makes a really loud noise on the carpet setting and its difficult to move the lever on the bottom with your foot to make the vacuum tilt for floor vacuuming. I feel like I'm frustrated with this machine every time I use it, and it makes the whole house smell with whatever has been vacuumed up-it gets in the air. Its doing the job as a vacuum, but in an unpleasant way. Maneuverability Its bulky and hard to change settings. Ease of Maintenance Its easy to get parts if I need them, and easy to disassemble Suction Performance It has annoying noises on certain settings Versatility It has several ways to clean Design I won't be getting this design again! Durability Its holding up!


Fairfield, VA


Eureka The Boss 4D with POWER PAW - WOW!


This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. The suction on this thing is fierce so pet hair is no longer an issue. The Power Paw is the attachment on the hose and that thing sounds like a little chainsaw. I will never go back to vacuums with bags either!! LOVE THIS THING! Suction Performance The best I've seen... even a year later and it's still as powerful as ever!!! Design I could do without the dust wand attachment but it's still pretty neat!! :D


Auburn, ME


OK Vacuum.


We bought this vacuum a couple of years ago because we have a pet that sheds a lot. The vacuum works great on picking up the usual things around the house, but as far as pet hair, I would have to rate it as only good. After using it, you will find some pet hair is still left behind. The extra features such as the duster and the stair attachment are nice to have and overall this is a good vacuum but probably not worth the high price. Maneuverability It moves around well. Ease of Maintenance It doesn't take much maintenance. Suction Performance The suction is good unless the the canister is full. Versatility It comes with many components to clean all types of things. Design The design is good, comes with everything you need to clean. Durability Has lasted for many years without that many issues.




Not that great!


I bought this vacuum about a year ago. It worked great at first, but it no longer has great suction. The tools are great and have a ton of uses. I hate all of the filters! My 1 year old is constantly taking them off..and I don't know where one of them is at the moment. I feel like I paid too much for this not to be a great vacuum. I love the color though.


Wakefield, VA


This Eureka is The Boss!


I have owned my Eureka Boss 4D Pet Fresh Bagless Upright Vacuum for about 3 years now and I absolutely love it! It is still very powerful and doesn't miss anything in its path. It is extremely easy to convert from floor to wand. I have a long haired dauchshund and the pet fresh feature gets all the hair off of the furniture and the floor. The dust wand is incredible and easily reaches the ceiling fan blades. It is so handy to just vacuum the dust away instead of having to use expensive dust gadgets that you have to buy refills for. Removing the canister to empty the dirt is also quick and easy. I also love the fact that I can just wash and rinse the filter for the pet fresh container instead of having to buy refill filters. This vacuum has served me well and has remained faithful even with heavy use. I use it at least three times a week. It is a great bargain for the price due to its durability! I would recommend this vacuum to everyone!


Copperas Cove, TX


NOT the best vacuum - I would look elsewhere


I have very mixed emotions about this vacuum cleaner. It seemed okay at first and was certainly a decent price which is what we needed at the time. But the more I used it, the more I felt displeased about something each time. I will list below the issues I have had with it and then you can make your own decision. *Have to clean the filter and canister EVERY time before you start to vacuum. *It is very wide so doesn't get into even medium spaces well. *Leaves behind "fuzz balls" that look like a layer of the carpet came off (no visible damage to the carpet though). *No edge suction so have to use an attachment each time so that takes alot of extra time. *seems overly loud *This vacuum is very heavy which makes dragging it upstairs to clean a real chore! I think this vacuum would be fine for someone with no pets and that doesn't need to vacuum very often. I would also not recommend it if you will need to move it to another area of the house that involves lifting it.


Raleigh, NC


the best pet vacuum!


this vacuum is perfect for anyone! especially someone who owns a pet who sheds alot!        This works great for me because i own a dog and a cat and they do a good amount of sheding! lots of shedding causes lots of pet dander/dust which is not healthy for humans and is bad for someone with allergies!      you will bve amazed with how much dust and dirt this vacuum will pick up on a daily basis!    the whole filter is filled by the time your done vacuuming your whole house you wil be amazed!! so i recommmend this product for any one who hasfurry pets or no pets at all because you  might just want ouyr house very clean and that is what is is perfect for so buy this vacuum it will change your life!!


Oak Harbor, WA


Do not buy the Eureka Boss 4d Pet Fresh Bagless Upright Vacuum


After my Kenmore canister vacuum died last year (after many good years!), I found myself in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. I bought a different Eureka model and was pleased with how it worked. That is, until it broke 6 months later. I ignorantly replaced it with another Eureka. This time the Boss Pet Fresh bagless model. The pros for this model of the Eureka vacuum are that it does a very good job vacuuming the carpet and it did not loose suction for me at all. I used it for a total of about  mos. It also has a hepa filter, which I liked, and it was easy to empty the tank. The cons are that it is loud and heavy, hard to clean, the hose often pops off of the place where it plugs in (while you are vacuuming nonetheless, so sometimes I didn't figure out the hose was off and therefore spitting dirt back onto the carpet, until I was done vacuuming and had to do it all again.) It also does not work well on hard floors at all, it just blows the dirt away instead of sucking it up. My biggest problem with the vacuum is that, in the 6 months we used it, the spinnerbrush broke twice. The first time after 3 mos. When we replaced it, it broke again after another 3 months. I guess you could say I got tired of dealing with broken Eureka's. I went and bought a Dyson. They are more expensive, but the money  spent on the 2 Eureka's and spinnerbrush would have paid for the Dyson and been a lot less hassle. My suggestion- leave this vac behind and find something else.


Portland, TN


Great vacuum for people with pets!


I have wanted to buy a good vacuum for somtime. I saw the Eureka Boss sweeper in the store and decided that was the sweeper for me. I saved up the money and bought it for myself. At the time I had a dog and a cat running around leaving hair all over the place. The Eureka Boss is a great sweeper for those bothersome pet hairs on the floor and furniture. I'm so glad I bought this sweeper.


Steubenville, OH


I live in a house with 5 dogs and my Eureka Boss 4D.


We have 5 dogs and all very hairy. Between the dog hair and the outdoors being tracked in I have to vacuum every day! Sometimes twice a day! My Eureka Boss is a life saver. It picks up pet hair, grass and debris from deep down in my carpet. The attachments make it easy to clean my drapes, blinds and baseboards as well. The best thing is..... it's so attractive I just leave it out.


Evans, GA


Eureka Boss 4D Pet Fresh Bagless Vacuum

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