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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka Altima Turbo Bagless SpinDuster Vacuum 2961AVZ

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Nice sweeper until the filter clogges


You have to clean the filter every month because they don't sell them in the store anymore Maneuverability It doesn't turn around the furniture like it should. I have dings all over my furniture Ease of Maintenance Taking out the filter is kinda nasty but it dies have to be clean. It's easy, you just run it under hot water and let it dry Suction Performance Its really good unless the filter is clogged Versatility As long as it sucks up all the stuff on the carpet it works for me Design They should have designed the head to move around furniture better Durability I've had mine for 5 years and the only complaint I have is the filter and the head needs to move around better


Warren, OH


The worst vacuum I've owned


This vacuum was gifted to us, but it turned out to be the worst vacuum I have owned thus far in my life. The suction seemed to be decent in the beginning, but the brushroll marks faded away slowly but surely over time, and sure enough, after perhaps a year or year and a half, the brush roll wasn't turning at all. It would still pick up little tiny pieces of dirt, but it wouldn't touch even a small piece of paper. It was embarrassing, frustrating, and made me despise having to get it out of the closet to attempt to get the carpets clean. We finally replaced the belt with one that came packaged with the vacuum, but surprisingly (we thought they would have included a correct replacement), it put out a horribly burning smell. We replaced it with another from a local vacuum shop, but that was only a marginal improvement. It finally made it's way out the door, and I don't think I will probably ever own another Eureka vacuum.


Gulfport, MS


A great product... unless you actually want to, you know, vacuum


I had such high hopes when I bought this Eureka Altima Turbo Bagless SpinDuster. I is sleek and modern looking, and I was thrilled that it was bagless and it really had some zip as I vacuumed my house. Well, it turns out that despite being fast, it doesn't pick anything up. No matter which setting I had it on -- bare floor, high carpet, etc. -- it still would leave residue when I vacuumed. And isn't that the whole purpose of a vacuum?! The filter was a pain to clean out and the hose clogged constantly. Additionally, the vaccum is really heavy to move around. This vacuum was so not worth the money I paid for it and I ended up buying a new one within a year. I am so much happier with my Bissel.


Lakewood, WA


Yellow is a happy color but I am not happy with this vacuum


I was very happy when I took this vacuum out of the box. Easy setup and of course the price was awesome. The first time I used this vacuum it seemed to do the trick. MY floors have about medium carpet length and with a family of 5 and a dog they do get pretty dirty. I was impressed with the cleaning power and had to dump the canister twice the first time I used it. It made me feel like my previous vacuum wasn't doing its job. About a week later after only using it 3 times it started squeaking when pushing it forward then I noticed that it wasn't picking things up. To test this I crumpled up a little cracker and tried to clean it up. I was not happy with how it just stopped working. I gave it to my friend who has burber carpet and she said it worked great on her floors. I think it might have something to do with the length of my carpet. I even adjusted the setting in the front for longer carpet and even shorter and it just doesn't work for my floors. I gave it to my friend with the burber carpet and she ended up having to replace it 2 months later. I would not recommend this vacuum. It isn't worth it if you just have to buy a new one a few months later. Eureka just isn't living up to their standard anymore. Design Loved the design. It seems very modern and up to date. Durability Vacuums should not have to be replaced every couple of months. This one was not worth the time or money.




Eureka Altima 12 amp vaccuum was excellent, but became just Okay


Eureka Altima 12 amp vaccuum was the best vaccuum I have ever owned. When I first purchased it, after using my old vaccuum it was amazing how much more dirt it picked up. I actually had to empty the canister quite a few times while vaccuuming the living room. After vaccuuming daily, my carpet started to look like new again. The suctioning power is amazing, seemed like it had alot more power than just 12 amps. After owning this for a few years it still performed pretty well. When the suctioning started to go,,and even after taking it professionally worked on it just did not have the abilities to preform to my wishes. Maneuverability The maneuverability is good, self propels so there is alot less effort on your part. Ease of Maintenance The ease of maintenance is okay, but I have had to purchase extra filters which have to be washed and dry before they can be used again. Since then many vacuums have no filters that need that kind of washing. The hepa filter on this model needs to be replaced, and many other models have rinsable and washable hepa filters. In all while the ease of maintenance is okay, it is a bit of a pain too. Suction Performance The suction of this vacuum, started off as excellent, but over time it dropped off. Even with the cleaning of the filters, and maintenance, it was only adequate. The motor did not last as long as I hoped it would. One major set back is when you empty the container dust, and other particles go all over. Not very healthy for people with allergies. Versatility The versatility was quite good, and did everything it was supposed to do. The only thing it was not good at was cleaning the edges of the floor. Design The design to me was similar to many vacuum cleaners now a days, with the cyclonic action. I am seeing more of the more powerful cyclonic suction, with more of the funnels to help with the suction. As I said before the filters were a bit of a drawback, due to the constant washing of them, and the complete drying of them. The replacement of the hepa filter was a drawback too, versus the ability to rinse, and wash them. Durability I know vacuums these days are not meant to last. Most appliances these days are only meant to last for a few years. Oh to be in the past where appliances were still working well 15 to 20 years later, but of course where is the profit for the manufacturing companies


Hartstown, PA


Eureka 2961AVZ is an okay vacuum cleaner


The Eureka 2961AVZ altima vacuum cleaner is an okay vacuum for the price. It is not the top of the line vacuums, but it works well enough for me. It features hepa filtration, 2 tools with hose, spin duster and a telescopic wand. It is bagless which is the reason I purchased it since vacuum bags can get expensive. You do need to keep the filters clean or it loses suction. It works great for picking up pet hair. I have needed to change the belt a few times though, but it is easy to change and they are not too expensive. The telescopic wand works great for reaching different places. It doesn't have a lot of suction to pick up really small particles like tracked kitty litter and does push them around. I recommend it if you don't mind a cheaper vacuum. Maneuverability It is easy to use on carpets Suction Performance It does lose some suction over time Design Easy to get to all the extra parts that comes with it Durability Built well


Narvon, PA


The worst vacuum I've ever owned!


I've only had this vacuum for about 3 months and I'm ready to throw it away.  It is not worth the trouble it takes to constantly unclog it.  I've just about taken it completely apart looking for reasons why it loses suction.  I've cleaned out everything.  It will work fine the next time I use it, but after one use, it's back to losing suction and spitting dirt back out.  Today, there was a cloud of dirt coming out the front and from the side.  I keep the dirt cup emptied.  Also, having to reach up above the cup and pull out the yellow gizmo is a pain in the butt.  It's hard to line back up.  The filter seems to need to be cleaned after every use.  One other problem, it's very heavy and not easy to use on steps.  The hose doesn't want to come out very far.  I seriously have never had this much problem with any other vacuum.  And it's also the most expensive I've ever bought.  I will stay away from Eureka from now on.  A brand new vacuum should NOT be this much trouble.  


Cedar Grove, IN


Not great, but not terrible either


The Eureka Turbo Bagless upright spinduster vacuum cleaner is just ok. It works, but certainly doesn't get every crumb off the floor. My children mainly use this vacuum cleaner so it works out all right. It is very light weight which makes it perfect for children to manuever around the room. It just doesn't have enough suction power. Plus the brush underneath gets hair wrapped all around it so quickly! So then I have to take it outside and use the scissors to cut off all the hairs that have gotten tangled all around the brush. It makes for a very dirty clean-up. The one other thing that I don't like is that the canister is too small so I have to empty it often. I suppose the best things about it is that it's light-weight and quieter then my bigger vacuum cleaner.


Shermans Dale, PA


Bit the dust


I first purchased this vaccuum a few years ago at a discount store for a great deal! I was psyched to find this deal and when I got the vaccum home I abslutely loved it! I loved the upright bagless option and It cleaned very easily, somewhat light weight and worked great. About a year later it started soundling like an airplane! Too loud to use without some type of ear protection! I finally broke down and decided to purchase yet another one because I really liked this machine. Well, let see....Had that one about a year as well and suddenly it started making a loud noise which evenutally turned into the airplane noise again being way too loud to use. I am now using a Bissell and would never buy a Eureka again..


Gray, ME


Not a fan


This vaccum was a major purchase for our household. At first, I worked well and I was pleased. But very soon after purchase it began kicking back dirt, leaving a line of debris with every back stroke. I have tried every setting and even contacted the manufacturer with no solution. It also clogs very easily, breaks belts at the drop of a hat and the filters are contantly needing cleaning. I have alot of animal hair to deal with (many cats and one long suffering dog) and I constantly have to revaccum the rugs to get them clean. I will vaccum, empty the canister, then vaccum again and get just as much dirt/hair as before. And I vaccum every other day! The dust wand is about useless. Never had any luck using it. I will not purchase from the manufacturer again.


Salem, VA


Eureka Altima Turbo Bagless SpinDuster Vacuum 2961AVZ

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