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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka Altima Bagless Vacuum

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hard working daily used with spin brush cuts cleaning in half.


i bought the eureka spin duster with true hepa filtration, the vacuum part works well at picking up small particles on the floor. this vacuum is easy too push and light not hard to manage. the hoses are long and very flexible and pick up larger particles with the different attachments are able to get close to and under the furniture and walls. the filters are a pain to change there are three different ones, i like to wash them once a week and change them every three monthes. can be found at local vacuum repair store or on amazon. the spin duster is a pretty yellow duster that is electrostatic charged it twirls around in its holder (the kids love it and like to watch it and use it.) works great on ceiling fans and other dusting. quickly cleans living room with everything in one place. cut my cleaning time way down. i just do a quick run through and throw all toys and dirty clothes etc in a basket. than whip out the vacuum and dust (television shelves and picture) and vacuum as i go. and i am not continuously looking for the duster cause its right in my vacuum.


Pleasant Hope, MO


decent for the price


We've had this vacuum for a few years.  It does a decent's not a top quality vacuum, but if you don't have a lot of money its great.  I love that there are not bags to buy.  The duster works fine as a duster, but it's not really self cleaning like it says it is.  I also like that all the attachments all stick to the vacuum, so they don't get lost and they're right there when I need them.  It doesn't too corners all that well, but the attachments take care of that.


Albany, CA


Everytime I use it, something else falls off. I don't recommend!


For the first 6 months we used our **Eureka 2996AVZ Bagless Upright Vacuum**, it worked just fine. The next six months gave us some trouble, so I thought it was because we hadn't replaced the filters. The filters have since been replaced and we have had it a little over a year. Now, every time I use it, something else falls off! There is a piece at the bottom that falls off every single time, and I have to maneuver the vacuum carefully to get it to stay. I AM SO SICK OF THIS VACUUM and we are going out today to get a completely different brand. **I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS VACUUM AT ALL!** Buyers beware! 


Blue Springs, MO


Not worth it


I have not used this particular Eureka personally.  I have however used 3 different Eureka's with the spinbrush, bagless.  My mom also bought one just like it.  Neither of mine lasted over 2 years.  I only vacuum once a week, usually, occasionally more but more often even less!  My mom vacuums once a week or less also.  Hers lasted about 19 months.  We have not run over anything with them, used them under harsh conditions, loaned them out or anything.  I will never buy another Eureka vacuum because of this.  If you are looking for quality, this isn't it, at any price. 


Asheville, NC


This vacuum works very well and is light to push around.


I got this vacuum as a gift when I moved into my first apartment during college and it is about 3 years old and in great shape. The attatchments it comes with are easy to use and very useful. It has powerful suction and is great at picking up my pet's hair. I have a large long haired guinea pig.


Ypsilanti, MI


You Want a Useless Appliance? Consider Eureka Model 2996AVZ


As a general rule, I replace appliances only when they wear out and I feel little need to own the latest and greatest in technology. Such is the case with vacuum cleaners, but a recent move to a larger home necessitated the purchase of a second vacuum. The quick selection I made was the **Eureka**** 2996AVZ Vacuum Cleaner**, a bagless upright vacuum cleaner. **Vacuum Commentary:** My initial reasons for purchasing this Eureka model instead of other Eureka styles and other brand names came down to a few important factors. First, I liked that it was bagless. There were other bagless models also, but I also liked the self- cleaning duster because it was something that wasn't offered on any of the other vacuums in the store. It sounded like a good addition to the vacuum cleaning process, so I decided that Eureka would become my newest appliance. The first place I tested this vacuum was in the Master Bedroom and initial impression of this vacuum wasn't very good. I didn't pick up the debris on the carpet the way a vacuum should and I found I had to roll the vacuum back and forth over the same area multiple times to get the job done. I might have been having a bad day, because I did notice some improvement in carpet vacuuming the next few times I used it. I still don't consider it anything exceptional in this area, but it rates well enough to give it an average grade in this area. The same cannot be said, however, on bare floors. My new house has lots of hardwood and tile floors and, according to the manufacturer, this vacuum is supposed to be tailor made for vacuuming these smooth surfaces. Well, I am here to tell you the manufacturer is stretching the truth with this claim. The performance on bare floors is poor- so poor, in fact, that I often have to pull out a broom when finished to complete the job. The brush on Eureka 2996AVZ just doesn't seem to get close enough to the floor to pick up the mess and the suction isn't very strong. The next feature I was anxious to try was the self- cleaning duster. Anything that claims to be self- cleaning is a welcome addition to my household, considering my limited amount of spare time. I had high hopes for this feature but, once again, the manufacturer's claims were a little exaggerated. It doesn't "attract dust like a magnet" like Eureka claims. It actually pushes dust around, with only a small amount clinging to the brush. The telescopic handle is nice and I like the fact that I can store the brush right there, in a special slot on the side of the vacuum. But the performance is less than satisfactory. About the only area that rates highly is the bagless technology. The bagless feature on this vacuum cleaner works pretty well and it's very easy to empty. It is located in the front of the vacuum and it is a matter of simply sliding a plastic bar to one side to release the plastic cup. The cup is emptied and then replaced. Sliding the cup back to the right side, it is locked in place and ready to use again. It works very well, but you need to be careful not to let it overfill. It needs to be emptied after each use to avoid spilling the dust. This buying experience has really taught me a lesson about impulse shopping. Had I bothered to check the internet, I never would have purchased this or most any other Eureka bagless vacuum because, according to multiple sources, this vacuum rates consistently low. Based on appearance, this vacuum seemed to have a lot going for it. The bagless technology, the special filtering process, the self- cleaning duster, and other extras made this vacuum seem better than the competition. But all of these so- called "extras" turned out to be window dressing for an inferior product. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Overall, Eureka 2996AVZ isn't the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned and it doesn't offer enough quality cleaning or special features to recommend. I will likely keep it around, using it mainly in the upper level of my house where all of the rooms are carpeted. The bagless feature is nice but the inadequate suction and below average cleaning ability on bare floors make this a vacuum to avoid.


Houston, TX


Love this Eureka Vacuum!


My Eureka Vacuum has been a great vacuum for a limited amount of space. It is fairly light-weight, allowing ease of moving it, whether storing it or pushing it. It picks up dirt and works my lower carpet and higher carpet alike. I love that it is bagless, keeping the cost down by not having to replace the bags all the time. However, when you empty it, I suggest taking it outside and away from your house because the dust is significantly worse without the bag than what it would be with a bag. This does not really work well on hardwood floors. It has a duster included, which is seems like a great bonus, but is not very good. I do not have a great amount of space to vacuum and have only had the vacuum for about a year, so I cannot talk to its lifespan with heavy use.


Daytona Beach, FL


Reliable vacuum, but filters need to be cleaned often


I really enjoy using this vacuum. I have had it for nearly 2 years now, and I really enjoy using it. The power and suction in it are great, and it's not too loud. It's fairly lightweight, but it's not entirely easy to use on a full flight of stairs. I haven't even had to change the belt yet. The hose-holder on the back broke off when I tried to move it with my thigh (oops), but it still functions just fine. I thought I would use the duster and the power paw more often, but they are additional tools that I don't bother with much because they don't work with enough power unless the filters are are freshly cleaned or clear. That said, the filters are the one thing that I don't really like about this vacuum. Even though they are reusable, they need to be rinsed / cleaned quite a bit, and the one filter takes a long time to dry (I just put it over one of my heating vents to speed up the drying time). I had to purchase additional filters as back-ups when I'm doing an all-house clean so I can get it done immediately and not wait for the filters to dry in order to vacuum again. Also, it doesn't do a superb job on bare / concrete / hardwood floors (spits a lot back out). But all in all, I would recommend this vacuum, but with extra filters.


Eagle River, WI


I love my Eureka Bagless Upright Vacuum!!


I love my Eureka vacuum! It really is my favorite vacuum that I have ever had. It is very reasonably priced. I have had more expensive vacuums that have not worked as well as this one. The size is very manageable. I can fit it in my closet easily, and it is light enough I can carry it up the stairs without too much trouble. I also really like the stair cleaning attachment. It works very well and is easy to maneuver. I feel like I am saving money by not having to buy bags. Emptying the cup can be a little dusty, and sometimes it is a pain to have to clean it off. I have found that the filter takes a long time to dry in my humid climate. But really it is not too bad, and I prefer that to buying replacement bags. I like being able to see everything that I just vacuumed off the floor, it lets me know that it is working. I love the vacuum lines that it leaves on my floor, and have been very happy with it for the year we have had it.


Bremerton, WA


Has served us well!


We received the Eureka Vacuum - Bagless Upright Vacuum - 2996AVZ for a christmas gift three years ago. It is still going strong! It was very affordable and has served us well. We are a family of three and do not have any pets so it is a perfect fit for us. We chose to go with Eureka because of consumer reports. Eureka has less maintenance and broken parts than many of their competitiors and was much more affordable than some. My mother in law also purchased this same vacuum and got rid of hers because she said it didn't suck very well on her kitchen floor. After talking with her, we asked her if she had ever cleaned the filters out and she said no. So in the two years she had the vacuum, she had never cleaned the filters out (they also have a dog) so no wonder it wasn't cleaning well! We have founded that with this vacuum, if you clean the filters regularly, every month or so, it does very well! 


Toledo, OH


Eureka Altima Bagless Vacuum

3.4 29