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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Eureka 2999DVZ Bagless Upright Vacuum Vacuum

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I don't recommend this vacuum!


This vacuum cleaner is sitting in the corner broken. The plastic housing that goes over the floor brush is broken. Maneuverability It's heavy and doesn't clean corners very well. Ease of Maintenance It has a lot of filters to clean. I had to replace the belt often and I was always hard to find one. It got clogged all the time. I hated that you couldn't take the entire hose off. Being bagless seems it stayed dirty. Suction Performance The suction sucked. Had good suction for a few months. Versatility Trying to use the hose was terrible it didn't stretch out very easily so you were always knocking the vacuum over. The stupid little duster never would stay in the holder. I ended up taking the whole thing off and throwing it away. Also the pet attachment was a joke too. Design I never could keep the cord wound up because the hose was in the way. Durability I would have to say this vacuum was not durable it only lasted a year. My grandmothers old Kirby vacuum cleaner from the fifties still kicks butt. They just don't make them like they use too. I'm saving up my money for a Kirby.



dont bother


for the first month or so it was fine but it was heavy and didnt take corners well. The built in dust brush doesnt fit well it its holster and keeps popping out, and it doesnt suck the dirt off of it after use. I went through 3 belts in one year and tech supports only answer was that perhaps I dont know how to put on a belt. I have been using vac cleaners for over 40 yrs I think I know how its done. Maneuverability heavy and doesnt get right up against wall Ease of Maintenance you have to clean the filter in order to properly empty the cup. Even tho the cup opens and empties from the bottom , much of the dirt is jammed between the cup and the filter and you have to take the whole thing apart to empty properly. Suction Performance if you have ANY kind of fuzz on the floor it refuses to pick it up and if you left the vac running in one spot for a few minutes while you used an attachment it left a little pile of dirt behind it. I called tech support about that and was advised to do all of my attachment work first and then go back and floor vac. Versatility it has a nice long hose and suction from just the attached hose is great Design heavier and clunkier than i like but wasnt a big issue Durability had to replace after just a yr

Nottingham, MD


Eureka 2999DVZ Bagless Upright Vacuum Vacuum

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