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Dry Dog Food
Eukanuba Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

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Eukanuba is good quality


Eukanuba dog food is the only dog food that my dog ate until much later in her life due to health issues. She always loved this food. It doesn't stink and it also didn't make her stools stink and her stools were solid, not runny. She even would recognize the bag and go crazy when I would purchase a new bag and brought it home or when filling up a container full of her food. This is a good food. Lots of nutritional value and hardly any, if any at all, additives. I do recommend this to small and large dogs as there is varieties that cater to each breed type. It is a bit costly and only located at Pet Specialty stores.

Mesa, AZ


Eukanuba is a brand that you can trust.


We have bought Eukanuba dog food for over 13 years now, and we have appreciated it very much. The features that we enjoy is the tartar control feature that when our dog chews its food, it helps keep the tartar from building in their gums. As our dog got older, we then switched from the regular eukanuba to the senior formula which was a comfort as we felt that it met the needs of our aging dog with its nutritional needs due to the aging process. Our dog never got overweight with this formula and had a healthy shine on it's coat and their is not a lot of dog waste in the stool as the dog is retaining the nutrients without the extra waste, also good for cleanliness in our yard. Our dog is very healthy and that means less cost as we didn't have very many vet runs due to illness which I think says alot about the quality of dog food that we feed our animals. I enjoy buying the bigger size as it is cost effective. I am very pleased with all of eukanuba products.

Cameron, WI


Keeps my weenie dogs healthy!


This dog food is wonderful for my dachshunds because they have very sensitive backs. Also, one of my pups is a little husky and this food is much more suitable for his build and he doesn't pack on the extra pounds like he does with other name brand dog foods. Love this product...slightly pricey but well worth the money!

Nederland, TX


Eukanuba Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

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