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Dry Dog Food
Eukanuba Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Puppy Growth Dry Dog Food

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my puppy loves his eukanuba


I am an owner of labrador retrievers and I have been buying the dry Eukanuba for over ten years. I have continued to use Eukanuba because my dogs like it and I trust the brand. When they are eating Eukanuba they are getting their basic nutritional needs. I started my dogs off as puppies on the Eukanuba that is specifically for puppies and slowly upgraded them as they got older. I have noticed that they seem to prefer the puppy food because it comes in a smaller bite size. I did have some problems with the Eukanuba with my first lab because his ears were often infected from allergies. My vet told me that ear infections are often related to food allergies. If this is a problem with your dog Eukanuba may not be the best choice. Their are other brands that are easier on their allergies. I would reccommend Eukanuba because it is decently priced and I think it is of a better quality than other dog foods in that price range.

Dallas, TX


Eukanuba is the best puppi food for my dog.


**i have tried other pet foods for my puppy, but when i bought Eukanub i knew that this was for my dog.it has all the nutritonal value a puppie needs.  My Cats even like it, but of course they get cat food.**

Junction, TX


Keeps my dog healthy and active.


Our vetenarian reccomended it when we first took our dog for her first visit at 8 weeks old. She grew up loving it and at one year we switched from the puppy type to the adult type. We have always fed her the reccomended amount and she seems satisfied and maintained a healthy weight through her first three years of life. I wouldn't switch to any other brand. Why mess with success?.

Little Neck, NY


Eukanuba Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Puppy Growth Dry Dog Food

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