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Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Treatment Lotion

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Really does stop the itch


I have a itchy rash that comes and goes and I have tried everything. This lotion really works. It calms the itch plus keeps my skin hydrated. I like the thickness of the formula, it doesn't run all over the place while trying to apply it. The only con for me is the price but it is worth it to keep the itching under control.

Saint Marys, WV


Eucerin Calming Itch Relief Treatment stops itching, but smells.


I was really pleased to receive, a large sample of Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Treatment Lotion, in the mail. The size was .14 fluid ounce (4 ml.) Yesterday I was on Treasure Island beach, and had used sunscreen, but the wind was so strong, that my neck and the top of my chest, were red and itchy. I tried regular body lotion, and it still looked just as bad. I opened the Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Treatment Lotion, and rubbed plenty into the area. I don't particularly like the smell, as it is slightly medicated. However, my neck felt cool, and the itching did stop. It states on the packaging that it gives relief for up to 8 hours. I had enough lotion to do the area twice today as well, and my skin feels great. It is still a little red, but I have no itching. I think the product is great, but wouldn't buy it, as I don't like the smell. Such a shame.

New Port Richey, FL


Helped Relief My Itching....Finally! Ahhhhh Relief.


I have tried so many products to relieve itching skin and to stop me from scratching.  It can get really really bad for me and I just want to scratch and scratch nonstop.  Alot of other products just do not work long term and I am very picky about fragrance. This Eucerin product worked really really well for me.  I was pleasantly surprised and it does not have an offensive fragrance at all which is fantastic! Great price, great product and most of all it actually works.  If you have itchy skin you must try this product without a doubt!

Pompano Beach, FL


Works for some, destroyed my skin.


As a person suffering with eczema, I have many problems with my skin. My doctor recommended this for my skin, and it did nothing to help. When I applied the lotion after my shower, it stung my skin to the point that it was uncomfortable and borderline painful. There was a numbing sensation that aided somewhat in relieving my itch-but it did nothing to help with the dryness. There is alcohol in the lotion, which makes no sense if it is supposed to help relieve dryness. Instead of fixing and helping my dryness, it made it worse. For the price, it is not a good value for me. I have sensitive skin, but no lotion has ever irritated my skin the way that Eucerin's Calming Itch-Relief Treatment Lotion has. I would not recommend this to people suffering with eczema that do not want to deal with the painful numbing sensations and the generally poor job that this does of helping to expedite the healing process.

Laurel, MD


Works well to relieve itchy skin


I had been using another Eucrin lotion for my dry skin, and while it helped, I still had lots of problems with itching that prevented restful sleep.  My dermatologist suggested I try this one, and it has worked better for me than any other remedy.  Nothing works perfectly for my skin, but this is the best. It works immediately, spreads evenly and easily over skin, absorbs fast without the necessity for irritating rubbing, and has no fragrance.  The lack of fragrance is important to me for many perfumes that are added to lotions bother my nose.  Sometimes the problem with the fragrance does not develop until I've used the lotion a while.  If there is none in the product, there is no reason to worry.  It is supposed to be safe for children and to use on any dermatitis.  It is the most expensive lotion I've used so far, and that hurts because I spend a lot on medications and relief products.  However, I am willing to pay the extra to reap the benefit of many nights of restful sleep. 

Charleston, WV


Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Treatment Lotion

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