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Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen Pillow Top Mattress

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My back is killing me and they won't take it 'back'!!


We purchased the king size pillow top mattress and box spring from Ethan Allen.  We paid a small fortune for it (and it was on sale!).  The pillow top is built right into the mattress so when look at it, it is just one big and very very very thick mattress.  It is so thick that most deep fitting sheets will not fit it...you have to search for extra deep fitting sheets.  The worst part is that our backs hurt.  Because of the deep built in pillow top, it is not firm and we cannot sleep more than 6 hours or our backs will hurt all day.  In addition it has big buttons all over it and they hurt!!  Don't bother trying a mattress pad, it won't help.  Don't try turning the mattress over, it won't help.  The worst part is, we called Ethan Allen and they refused to take the mattress back or replace it because we already slept on it....what did they want us to do, sleep on it at the store.  For crying out loud!  We had been regular Ethan Allen customers for years, but this did it for us, now we tell everyone about how bad they are!!

Cumming, GA


Ethan Allen Pillow Top Mattress

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