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Estroven Maximum Strength Menopausal Symptoms Dietary Supplement

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Pretty good at treating symptoms


While I haven't found that any menopause supplement has worked with all my symptoms, this one does a pretty good job with with reducing the number of night sweats I was having. As for hot flashes, it seems to have reduced the number of them, along with the frequency, and the duration, when I have one, is short. It's made all my menopausal symptoms more manageable, but the sweats and hot flashes were the most improved. It can get costly to keep taking this supplement day after day week and month after month, but if you want relief of the above symptoms as well as others, such as weight gain, headaches, and other female/personal issues, this is a supplement that you should give a look at and try. I found that it didn't work right away. I didn't notice improvements until I was in my second month of taking this product, but it was well worth the wait. I also like the fact that the ingredients are natural and don't have any estrogen or other hormones in it. Doesn't require a doctor's prescription either, and I found it available is most any drug store.



Thanks to Estroven, no more hot flashes!


When I started having hot flashes, they were only mildly annoying. When they reached the point of distinctly annoying, and I got tired of being awakened by them at night, I headed out to find something to alleviate the problem. I prefer natural remedies and I'd heard enough about Estroven that I naturally gravitated towards it first. I chose the maximum strength version because it seemed most fitted to my needs. I decided to take it with my evening meal, and the very first night it seemed like I was awakened less often by the need to throw back the covers. The second night, I knew it wasn't my imagination, and by the third night I wasn't having hot flashes in the night at all (I never had night sweats). It was about that time that I noticed the daytime hot flashes easing up, both in intensity and frequency. Within a week, all evidence of hot flashes was gone completely and I've decided that Estroven is a part of my daily routine from here on out.

Baytown, TX


Try it before you buy a large amount


I heard great things about Estroven Maximum Strength, so I decided to give it a try. My symptoms included hot flushes, brain fog, and irritablilty. Unfortunately, this product did not lessen any of my symptoms. In fact, after starting this product, I developed sleeplessness, which continued for 8 weeks, until I stopped taking this product.

Eugene, OR


It has really helped me!


I have been suffering from menopausal symptoms for over 10 years now.Early on I was depressed, had mood swings, was unable to concentrate and had near daily hot flashes.  My doctor prescribed an anti-depressants which I took for about 7 years.  The prescription helped everything but the hot flashes.  I was not happy to be taking an anti-depressant for such a long time.  I am not the kind of person who takes a lot of medicine prescribed or not and I was not getting relief from hot flashes.   After being weened from the anti-depressants, I went looking for something to relieve the hot flashes.  I chose Estroven after reading the packages of over the counter remedies in my local supermarket. I have been taking Estroven for nearly 2 months and I have had** only 1** hot-flash.  I have changed nothing else in my diet or exercise program.  I credit Estroven with the much needed reduction in the number of hot flashes I have experienced since beginning the remedy.

Pittsburgh, PA


Estroven Maximum Strength Menopausal Symptoms Dietary Supplement

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