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Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Light Breeze

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Pure Heaven - Pure White Linen


I am very, very picky about what I wear. Often, I think I find a perfume I like and then after wearing it for a few hours need to jump in the shower to get away from the smell. Not so with Pure White Linen Light Breeze. I love this scent. When I put it on in the morning, it is a nice clean scent. Reminds me of a light spring breeze. It is fresh, crisp, and clean and just makes you feel good. I received this as a gift from my husband and he did great! My only complaint would be that the scent doesn't seem to stay with you throughout the day. It is necessary to reapply it if you have evening plans. I haven't tried any other Estee Lauder perfumes, but I think I will soon. Overall, I just love it!

Groton, CT


Estee Lauder pure white linen light breeze is amazing


Estee Lauder pure white linen light breeze is an amazing perfume and here is why . It has this funnily clean smell and strong just the way i  like my perfumes .I just love it . What i got so far was a sample because it is always worth getting the sample first before you buy the perfume .but i am definitely buying this one . It is also very elegant and lingers that way i don't have to spray it all day , 2 sprays and that's it .Estee Lauder has always had very interesting ingredients either in any of her creams or perfumes .She has also some other great perfumes but this one is one of the most original ones . Also let's not forget to mention that Estee Lauder doesn't do any testings on animals which i totally suscribe too With that beeing said , i will very highly recommend anyone to try at least  an Estee Lauder Estee Lauder pure white linen light breeze sample before you buy it and you will see what i meant by this review.

North Tonawanda, NY


Another wonderful light and Fresh perfume


This new Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Light Breeze perfume is very very nice .It has a lovely Green scent that reminds me of a forest full of flowering trees and plants . If you like any of the sunflower scents or Marc Jacobs Daisy you will like this as well .Its truly as fresh as a summers day in a flowering herb garden .I have not had any problems with this, I also got a mini spray so I could try it first because of my allergies and because I hate perfumes that smell like chemicals . This is a wonderful daytime perfume that puts you in a good mood to take on your day . I know Estee lauder has minis available as gifts with purchase for these and  they are running a good promo now for regular on line customers your choice of 12 different trial sizes of everything from powder compacts to lip gloss and these minis and you can pick 4 gifts with any on-line purchase. Guess I will be getting more Estee Lauder very soon.

Palm Coast, FL


Not a big fan


I got my Estee Lauder pure white linen light breeze from my husband for my birthday gift. I was so excited and can't wait to tried it, Estee Lauder is one of my favorite brand and my husband knows it, but he never know that I never bought Estee Lauder perfume. It was okay for me the first time I used it. I did not bother with it and I did not look forward to use it again. The smell of Estee Lauder pure white linen light breeze is very soft, fresh and natural scents, but the more I smell it the more I become irritated, it gives me headache. I used it in the spring time, but I still prefer my Flower by Kenzo perfume. But in the other way, it has a good size of bottle, so you can easily put it in you handbag, it doesn't take a lot of space. Neat, but that's not the most important thing when you talk about perfume. I think I won't buy another Estee Lauder pure white linen light breeze when the one I have is gone. I have enough of it. Right now I use it only when my husband asked me about the "new parfume" he gave me.

Laramie, WY


Edtee's White Linen is elegance in a bottle.


Subtle and elegant, Estee Lauder's White Linen draws people in for a closer contact without knowing why.  They want linger near you and remember there was something  about you that aroused their interest. While you send a message of refined sophistication this scent is recognizable and women around will smile knowingly at your refined taste. If you use this as your signature fragrance especially good in the spring, your friends will all ways want to include you in each sweet soiree.  The gentle fragrance never overpowers and yet   thoughts return to you after you leave the room.  You feel clean and fresh each time you draw the applicator across your wrist or spray a cool mist of crisp perfume.  At special occasions your family and friends find you luminous and fresh like the spring breezes in a clear blues sky. You evoke the calming essence of green foliage and delicate flowers of Bulgarian rose and violet. This is the perfect compliment to you attire when getting ready for that perfect day.  Any day of the year White Linen will lift your spirits with the fresh reminder of endless sunshine and blue skies. Perfect for the professional woman that exudes calm and refined coolness.She posses a  intelligent and confident approach from the boardroom to the bedroom.  Casual yet complex, your statement to those around you will personify grace and poise.   Being near you when you are wearing this gorgious fragrence will be like a refreshing breath amid the everyday world.  You will feel ready for anything and relaxed and focused at the same time. Violet is natural relaxing sent and the green accents remind you of a garden walk.  White Linen brings purity and accomplished woman in you.

Virginia Beach, VA


this perfume is destined to be a lifer on my shelf


i love smells that are good! this new product has been released a week ago in dept. stores. i purchased it within min... of testing it it was that good to me. this perfume will be around for a long time.it is very appealing to women, so i'm sure of it's success. GO GET YOU SOME!!

Alton, IL


Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Light Breeze

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