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Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder So Moist Deep Hydrating Mask

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It's the greatest!!


I absolutely love Estee Lauder's So Moist Rehydrating Moisture Mask!! Unfortunately, the company, for some strange reason, no longer offers it. I also believe that I was told that they no longer produce it.  I was given the opportunity to buy another Estee Lauder Hydrating Mask product, which I did purchase, and tried on my face and neck. I was bitterly disappointed with this new and "improved" product. Words can not convey the depths of my disappointment. Why is it that companies won't leave well enough alone when a wonderful product comes out onto the market, and just as we're getting used to it and seeing the positive results of using it, they discontinue it, because they want to put out something that is "better"?  I wish that Estee Lauder would have left this alone-I used to be so pleased with their products, but this has truly made me not want to purchase any more of their products ever again!!


Rockport, ME


Estee Lauder So Moist Deep Hydrating Mask

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