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Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder Face Makeup - All Products

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Estee Lauder Makeup is High Quality


I think Estee Lauder make-up is very high quality.  Drug store brands just cannot compare.  Although Estee Lauder can be expensive, I find it is definitely worth the price.  I choose to buy Estee lauder for my foundation, powder, eye-shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.  Lipstick and blush I sometimes purchase from other brands to get it for cheaper.  Also, I find there lipgloss to be too sticky so I purchase elsewhere.  But, the quality of their foundation cannot be matched by discount brands.  The only brand that I use other than Estee Lauder for foundation would be Lancome.  It is really the only thing that can compare for my skin type.  The Estee Lauder foundation is very natural looking.  It applies evenly and does not feel heavy or sticky.  The foundation has good coverage and can hide skin imperfections such as age spots and acne.  Also, their black pencil eye-liner is the only eye-liner I will ever purchase.  It sharpens very easily and glides on smooth.


Covington, LA


always seek the truth


I've been admire of Estee Lauder products since I was  child. As far back as I can remember Estee Lauder was a member of my family, from the use of perfume to the use of their skincare products. Their Allday Facial Moisturizer leaves skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated, it's light and soft on the skin, does'nt leave your face feeling sticky, They have a Tinted Makeup Moisturizer that comes in a variety of shades so close to your natual skin color it's like not wearing any makeup at all. As a child I thought the only perfume they made was Estee Lauder Youth Dew, it was a favorite of most ll the women in my family from my grandmother to my mom to some of my aunts, thats mostly why my very first perfume purchase was an Estee Lauder product. It can be a bit pricey, but well worth it.


Pittsburgh, PA


The Estee Lauder is affordable compared to ELs other products


The Estee Lauder is affordable compared to ELs other products.Here you have a maaaany  of the Estee Lauder products in one affordable package .These are definitely the best deals EL has pricewise and i am glad that they exist .So anyone who thinks tha Estee Lauders products or make up are too pricy this is the chance to get a little bit of each product in one box . I had purchased one like that a few months ago and what impressed me most was the lipstick and the eye shadows because the colors were great, had a nice and soft texture and do not cause any allergic reaction like i had noticed with many other brands before . I just love these types of Estee Lauder deals .They are much cheaper than if you had to buy one product at a time .I strongly recommend everyone to get this one . Another positive attribute that i would love to add is that Estee Lauder is that this brand doesn't do any animal testing .


North Tonawanda, NY


Estee Lauder Face Makeup - All Products

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