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Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder Daywear Plus Cream Normal/combination Skin

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My FAVE Moisturizer!


NEED: I needed to be an adult and use quality skincare that did my skin justice. WHY I BOUGHT IT: I was, again, away at school and of the 3 makeup counters I worked at Estee had the best skincare! WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT: I love the smell! But more importantly, I love the feels of this moisturizer. What is even better is you don't need a lot so for the steep price tag, you an get plenty of coverage for day and night time application. It is intended for Normal/Comb Skin types and does not cause dryness or over-moisturizes the areas I don't need it to. Super lightweight! WHAT I DIDN'T LOVE ABOUT IT: The only thing that pains me is the price tag but I usually purchase it when there is gift with purchase OR a gift set. RECOMMENDATIONS: Use a little at a time Apply after toner for more efficient results Moisturizer absorbs faster after a cleanser and toner

San Tan Valley, AZ


Este`e Lauder Estee lauder Daywear Plus cream/fountain of youth


   Estee Lauder Estee Lauder product was around as long as I could remember, however, this new Daywear cream is not only a cream but the fountain of youth in a bottle (to me) after two weeks of using this cream you can definitely see the results, it gave your skin that healthy looking glow, it has an anti-oxidants that has been known to be good for your body, as well all the elemental that mother nature dish out on us, we need whatever we can to defend ourselves against her, Estee Lauder products was always one of my favourite, I just love the Daywear cream, and the light fragnance

Brooklyn, NY


Works fabulous & reasonably priced.


I have combination skin and sensitive skin. My face is also very dry in the winter time. One of my other friends recommended it to me as she has also had issues with her face and trying other products that never seemed to work. I have tried many different brands and this is the only moisturizer that seems to work on my skin.I didn't have to go back to the store and return it like I have with like three others all from different brands! It relieves my dry skin itchy in the morning. The flaking on my face has stopped after a few short weeks of trying it. I have also noticed a reduction in pimples and oil. If your skin is too dry that increases the oil production on your face, which can also cause breakouts.The pricing is perfect, not too expensive and not too cheap to make you question its quality. I recommend using it twice per day and a little bit of this stuff goes a very long way. The SPF is a plus. This company knows what they are doing and makes good products overall. I hope they never change!

Providence, RI


Estee Lauder Daywear Plus Cream Normal/combination Skin

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